Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Just Checking In

Just thought I would check in with you all!  I have my new house all together now.  I will take some pictures soon and show you all where I am living.  I want to get some paint this weekend for my bedroom and bath.  It is just plain looking-cream and white and I need some color to liven the place up!  I have painted a little more.  I painted the feather below:

This was a really fun project.  It taught me how to "run" colors into other colors and then wait until the project dries completely.  Then I painted leaves, stems and dots in white on the feather.  Very different but beautiful! 

I have been knitting every night on the baby blanket for my niece, Devyn's little baby girl, Bradley.  She was born in the middle of January and I want to get it completed before she is too big for it!  Here is my progress so far:

My niece likes pink, white and gray together.  She should be happy with this!  I work on it while I'm watching TV.  The pattern isn't too hard.  I only have 1 row I had to take out because I must have knitted an extra stitch. 

I have been trying to keep myself busy.  I feel if I keep myself busy, I won't miss John as much.  Believe me some days that doesn't work at all.  Some days he is on my mind constantly.  I still talk to him while I am watching TV.  I think the dog thinks I am crazy chatting away about the show I am watching, etc.  Oh well, I could be crying my eyes out all the time so I think chatting away is better. 

I have been listening to alot of Audibles lately too.  Sometimes I'm tired of TV, so I just knit and listen to the book on Audible and get lost in the story!

Well my friends, I better get going but I thought I would just check in.  Hopefully I will start posting more regularly and have some pictures of my new house.

Take care my friends!