Friday, March 20, 2020


I have been painting both watercolors and painting my bedroom and the guest room.  Yesterday I painting bubbles with my daughter, Jenny.  We had alot of fun!  I would make my bubbles a little more translucent though next time.

Tomorrow I hope to paint some more.  I find painting very relaxing!

I painted my bedroom and I really love how it turned out.

The paint made this drab all cream room so different with just a pop of these colors!

Then I painted the Guest Room last weekend.  I used Sherwin Williams Rainwashed.  The paint had primer already in it, so it went on smoothly.

Extremely happy with this color!  I will be painting the guest bathroom with this color this weekend.  I also have a niche in the hallway and I'm going to paint the back of it with this color too.

I downloaded alot more audible/chirp books to listen too while I am painting and knitting.  As a matter of fact today my yarn was delivered!  I am going to start knitting with this tomorrow.  I bought 3 beautiful skeins of Apple Blossom from Expression Fiber Arts.  They are a local yarn company and I have bought from them before.  Along with the yarn skeins, I received 3 apple charm markers and a lovely quote from Jim Carrey. 

"Flowers don't worry about how they're going to bloom.
They just open up and turn toward the lgiht and that makes them 

Jim Carrey

This yarn reminds me of Monet's home in Giverney, the lily pond.  I am going to make a shawl called Palette also from Expression Fiber Arts.  I love that I can support my local yarn company during the very tumultuous time.

Everyone be safe and well during this time!  Hugs to you all!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Spring is Here!!

Hi Everyone!  Today is the first day of Spring!  It sure feels it here in NC.  The birds have been really busy here at the feeder, the flowers are popping, pear trees have bloomed and their leaves have come on and the weather has finally turned warm. I am trying to get the plants I brought from our old house to the new house ready to plant.  Some I will have to wait because they are getting ready to bloom.  One is the tree peony below that when I moved from NJ almost 16 years ago I brought to NC with me!!

18 year old Peony Tree

One of the 2 really huge buds on the peony tree.

I planted a camellia this year and it is showing off!

With everyone not knowing how long the COVID 19 will be around, I bought a tomato plant, broccoli plants, lettuce and basil.




I wanted to grow some veggies anyway.  I am also going to put some seeds in a pot.  Yellow Squash, Green Beans and Cucumbers (also more lettuce).

I have been working from home since Tuesday of this week.  I really don't mind it at all.  I certainly don't miss the commute!  I can play classical music or listen to a book on Audible or Chirp.  I can wear my jeans and a t-shirt.  I have seen more of my neighbors (walking outside in the fresh air only) than I have since I moved here in November.  I am walking the dog more and just getting more healthy with my food choices.  So I guess there are some good things that have come out of this horrible virus!  I keep everyone in my prayers daily re:  COVID 19.  

I will be blogging more also.  It is a good way to communicate with people and let them know what I am up to!  I missed blogging and I'm looking forward to sharing more.

Everyone be safe and take care!  See you tomorrow! :)