Monday, November 20, 2023

New Beginnings!

 I hope this post finds everyone well!  I am doing better than I was.  The break up with Scott took alot more out of me.  I have had my pitty party but I am trying to start anew.  My lease in my apartment is up in February, so I thought I better start looking at homes in the area.  I found one and made an offer.  Well it wasn't meant to be because my clever realtor found 2 old right of ways on the property and someone could have put 2 driveways on either side of my house.  One would only be 20' off the side of the house.  Oh, that would not work!  I thank God for my realtor everyday, she is wonderful and we have become friends.  Then I looked at a new ranch house in Rockwell, NC.  This house is 12 minutes from where I live now.  It's a cute little town.  I made the offer last week and the builder accepted!!  I am supposed to close on 12/18, but it might close sooner.  I am so happy that things are looking up!  Here is a photo of the house:

I just love this house!  It is easy for me to manage and now I can decorate to my heart's content again!  I have missed having my own house.  I will be moved in before Christmas, so I'll be able to decorate a little.  I bought a 4' tree, which is more manageable for me than the 7' one I had in my house in SC.  I will have a Living Room, Kitchen, Eating area, 2 full baths, 3 bedrooms, laundry room, lots of closets, the Master Bedroom closet is huge and a 2-car garage!  The house is about 1,500 sf so that is just the perfect size for me!  It is all on one level too, which is awesome!

I've already decided after things calm down, I'm going to get a dog.  I really miss having a dog.  Even though I know Emma and Ginger are well taken care of, it has been hard not having a dog of my own. They make good companions. 

I have already drawn some rough sketches of gardens I want to plant and things I want to do with the outside.  Mason, Scott's son is going to bring my patio furniture, 2 rocking chairs and my grill down to me from their house after I move in.  He is so good to me, just like a son.  He said he is going to visit alot once I move.  He misses talking to me and hanging out with me.  We always gardened together too.  There isn't any reason we can't continue to do that at my new house.  

I will be leaving on Wednesday to go to my sister, Sue's for Thanksgiving.  My Mom lives with her.  It will be good to be with family again.  I'm staying for a week this time.  I will be seeing some of my friends while I'm there.  It will be good for me!  When I get back it will be pack up time!  Atleast I don't have to purge anything, I did that when I moved up from SC!  That is one plus!

The job I mentioned and thought I had, didn't pan out.  That is ok, I will find another part time job that will be even better!  The other job would have been very stressful, commercial construction always is.  Things always happen for a reason.

Well I'm going to get some lunch now.  Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving and say your thanks on that day for everything good in your life!


Friday, November 3, 2023

I Guess All Good Things Must Come to an End.

 Good Morning Everyone!  I hope this post finds you all good.  I am having a really bad week.  On Sunday, I broke up with Scott.  I am not putting this on FB or Instagram, but he started about 1.5 months ago gambling quite a bit.  He is also taking alot of CBD gummies with THC in them and is in a fog most of the afternoon.  His whole personality has changed.  I'm not going to go into a whole lot about this, but I will say it had become very toxic and he said he doesn't have a problem.  When people don't see they do, they won't get better.  There were alot of other reasons I'm not going to get into, but I am better off alone than put up with that.  I am still at my apartment in Salisbury.  I have it until February, when my lease is up.  I will be looking for a place down in the Mint Hill, NC area.  I really loved living down there.  I'll keep everyone informed about my new place.

When something like this happens, you realize how many friends you have and I have to tell you they have been coming out of the woodwork to tell me I am loved.  This means more to me than anything!  I want to thank those of you that have reached out to me.  Sometimes you just realize you can't fix something and you have to take care of yourself.  

On a good note-Monday thru Thursday I went to NJ.  I stayed at my sister, Sue's house where my Mom lives.  We went out to lunch on Tuesday and had a great time.  Wednesday, Sue and I went to Home Goods and walked around.  It was so nice to have some fun for a change.  I am going back up for Thanksgiving and staying about a week.  This time I am going to visit with alot of my NJ friends.  That is always a good time!  I will go back up for Christmas also but not stay a whole week.  I have been asked to interview for a construction assistant job, which could be part time or full time.  I hope I get it!  I go to talk to them on Wednesday.  

Well that is my tale of woe.  I am in a much better place now.  I know I am worth something more than I was when I was with Scott.  It is hard when you love someone and they just start taking a wrong path, but you have to know when to say enough.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!