Sunday, April 29, 2012

Come on a Tour of where I live now!

I borrowed a camera from work (since I still can't find mine!) and took a walk with hubby and Teddy around the apartment complex this a.m. It wasn't too hot yet so the walk was delightful! Teddy always loves walks so he was exceptionally happy! Here is the tour:
Here is our little front porch. John and I sat out there tonight and enjoyed some quiet time together. He was reading and I was knitting. Just lovely!
There is a raised bed not far from our front door. It has the specialty spruce growing in it. Love the color!
We have a BBQ area for our use. This is it! Probably won't be using it much even though they have awesome grills there. We cooked a steak on it the other day and it tasted like fish!! I guess the people before us didn't think to clean the grill when they were done. Hubby did use our BBQ brush before to clean the grill but I guess the fishy smell was still there! YUCK!! We will be buying an electric grill to do our grilling!
This is another picture of the BBQ pergola sitting area. We might eat out dinner out there some night though. Really nice!
The BBQ sitting area has some really nice tables and chairs out there and the jasmine growing up the pergola smells wonderful!
Here is a picture of the jasmine-it is growing really thickly up the posts and smells awesome!!
This is the sitting area pergola. Isn't it just beautiful-you can see the clubhouse in the distance.
There are roses growing up the sitting area pergola-they are just so gorgeous!
I love this swirl bench in the sitting pergola-just beautiful with all the roses and petals-just like a wedding!
Here is a closeup of one of the roses.
Here is the clubhouse in all its glory!
Closeup of the clubhouse-just gorgeous!!
On the way back from our walk we went past another raised bed across the way from our apartment. As you can see there is a gorgeous Japanese Red Maple in this raised bed. Really beautiful swaying in the breeze. Behind this area there is a wetlands area and there are ducks living back there. Mallards. I hope they bring their babies around for us to see! Thanks for going on the tour with me! We like where we live even though Friday afternoon I was mad at management. I came home from work and they had left a note on our door. They said there was too much animal noise coming from our apartment. Teddy is a really quiet Golden and only barks when someone is at our door. The letter made it sound like we had to get rid of Teddy!! There is no way I was going to let that happen! Saturday John walked up to the clubhouse and to the management office to talk to the women up there. Supposedly they were showing the apartment above us and when they went to open the door for the upstairs apartment (which is right next to our door) Teddy started to bark. They said he stopped when they went upstairs but the person looking at the apartment said they weren't taking the apartment because of him barking! Seriously people, you come to an apartment complex that is pet friendly, you walk up to a door next to the apartment that has a dog and you don't expect him to bark!! I am disappointed in management for even saying something to us. There are dogs all over this complex and they bark their heads off! I think we were singled out because we are only going to be here for 6 months. John basically told them we will close out blinds and play a radio or the TV while we are out but we paid a $500.00 non-refundable dog fee to be in a pet friendly apartment complex and we are not getting rid of the dog. They backed down and said they should have called us and told us about the incident and they definitely don't want us to get rid of our dog. I'm glad he went up and talked to them and made it clear, why would you advertise a pet friendly apartment complex if you don't want dogs. Glad we worked that out :)!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Creating some Sparklies this Weekend!

(Photo via Pinterest) It has been so long since I have created any jewelry for my etsy site and this weekend is perfect for creating! I cannot locate my camera but I borrowed one from work for the weekend so I will be able to take photos of my creations and post them on my site. I have some new stones I ordered before we moved and I'm dying to create some earrings or a necklace with them! I have a perfect work table in the computer nook so that works out perfectly! I will also be taking some photos around the complex where I live. There are some really great common areas! I hope everyone has a great weekend! ENJOY!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Springtime Flowers Everywhere!

I am finally rested from our move and trying to rest from the Lyme's Disease. I can finally look around my new surroundings and see all the Spring flowers everyone has growing. I haven't been able to find my camera, so I had to rely on pictures from for this post. Here are a few flowers I have seen around Charlotte in my travels:
Daffodils are all done in Charlotte, but I loved this picture!
Don't you just love these old clay pots with the pansies. I always smile when I see pansies!
John used to always buy me a hanging basket of fuschia for Mother's Day from the girls. The hummingbirds love these. When we were visiting Ireland fushcia just grow along the road as shrubs-really beautiful!
I thought this was a wonderful idea-growing geraniums in galvanized buckets!
My grandmother loved lily of the valley. This photo is so pretty!
I can't wait to get our own house. I am going to plant alot of peonies for the Spring! I have a tree peony but unfortunately this year it didn't bloom. I think it really needs to go into the ground. It is hanging out at Megan's house right now until after we get in the house.
Sweet Peas are a favorite of mine. The smell so good and they look so dainty and beautiful. Very pretty colors!!
Wisteria is all done blooming here in Charlotte too! We had the warm spell and that just made it bloom really quick this year. I hardly got a chance to enjoy it. This photo is just so beautiful!! Hope you enjoyed looking at the lovely flowers I found on! ENJOY!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Knitting Night with the Girls

I always talk about Tuesday Night Knitting with the Girls. Well one of the girls, Miss Amy took a picture of a few of us (moi included)last night. My knitting friend, Ginny is on the left and my other knitting friend, Debbie is on the right. I am making a pink cotton shell for myself, Ginny is making a shawl for herself and Debbie was working on a shawl also. We always call our Tuesday nights knitting our therapy! It truly is!! Enjoy your day!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

All Moved and Feeling a Little Better!

Hi Everyone! It seems like forever since I posted on here. I have been resting from the Lyme's Disease and finishing up the move to the apartment. As of Saturday everything was out of the rental and over at the apartment. It seemed to go on forever! Next time definitely will be using a mover! Our girls, Megan and Jenny helped John get all the boxes and things moved out of the garage at the rental and over to the garage at the apartment. Thank you girls!! They were such a big help. While I was cleaning the 3 bathrooms at the rental, Owen hung out with me crawling around and chatting away! He is such a sweetie! I am also feeling somewhat better after taking my meds for the Lyme's. I am still really tired (like right now). I have tried to keep what I do to a minimum. I've read alot in my book and some of my magazines. Yesterday I finally felt like knitting too! That is an improvement, a big improvement! You know Sherri is sick when she doesn't want to knit! Today is my first full day back at work and I'll tell you it is 12:30 and I am really starting to get pretty tired! I haven't been going at my usual pace, but I have been working steady. I don't think I will be doing anything tonight after work. Thank you for all your lovely thoughts and prayers you sent me over the last few days! You are all the greatest friends!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dr. Appt. Not So Great Today!

I have been having problems with my left foot swelling up so much I can't bend my ankle. Today it started swelling all the way up to my knee. I called the Dr. and got an appointment for this afternoon. He ruled out my heart, a break and a few other things. I mentioned to the Dr. I had found a tick attached to my scalp. He looked at the area where the tick bit me and told me the head was removed but there was a ring around the area like a bullseye. Guess who is on a major antibiotic because of Lyme's Disease-you win the prize if you said Sherri! My joints are hurting and I'm so tired. I am also running a fever. Lucky me! My Dr. then sent me to CMC Hospital in Pineville for a venus doppler. He wanted to make sure I didn't have a blood clot. I DO NOT have one -thank goodness!! My technician, Brenda was wonderful even though she had to push so hard I thought I was going to jump off the table!! Needless to say no moving boxes this weekend or anytime soon for that matter. I will be on the sofa with my leg up and resting. I am pretty sure I just did too much in the move this time. When we moved to the house in October, we will definitely be hiring someone to move our things. Hopefully my meds will give me some relief from this pain and swelling. I'm glad I went to the Dr. today and the Lyme's Disease was caught early!! Everyone take care!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sleeping Porches

I have always been fascinated by Sleeping Porches. Here is the Wikipedia description of a sleeping porch: A sleeping porch is a deck or balcony that is screened and furnished for sleeping in the warmer months. Sleeping porches can be on ground level or on a higher story and in either the front or back of a home. The idea of a sleeping porch dates back nearly a hundred years when people would sleep on a screened-in porch to get the coolness of the night air during summer without being bothered by bugs. Before the advent of air conditioning, families often created sleeping areas on outdoor porches, where children would sleep during the warmer months. Sleeping porches first gained popularity at the turn of the 20th century. Many people believed that fresh air helped sufferers of Tuberculosis, a respiratory system illness that was the leading cause of death at that time in the United States. Health experts then also touted the benefits of fresh air for avoiding other illnesses. Here are some beautiful examples of the sleeping porch:
This beautiful Victorian has a lovely example of the sleeping porch!
I could just sleep out here all day and night!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

We are almost all moved!

Well we woke up this a.m. in the apartment and other than alot of aches and pains we are mostly moved here!! The weather couldn't have been better-no rain, sun and not too hot temps. We have to go back to the house today to get a few more things and then during the week we will bring over the odds and ends but for the most part the majority of it is here at the apartment. We met one neighbor already. His name is Chris and he seems to be about 17 or 18 years old. He lives with his parents. He was watering a beautiful urn of pansies out their door. Really, really nice and courtesy-I like that! Teddy was at first having a huge adjustment to everything. He even had an accident in the kitchen after he was here for about an hour. That is understandable. John is walking him around the complex right now and they are going to check out the dog park that is here on the grounds. We are storing alot of boxes in the detached garage that is here on the grounds and that is working out great! The extra furniture that we are not using is going in the second bedroom and that is working out great too! Our mattress and box spring is still on the floor because John couldn't find the nuts, bolts and screws for the bed! I remembered that i stuck them in my cosmetic bag because I thought he would lose them. So putting our bed together is on the agenda for today. The only adjustment I am having to make and it is no big deal is the kitchen. We have always had a really large kitchen with plenty of cabinets. I'm having to use the second bedrooms walk-in closet for my pantry because the actual pantry in the kitchen is very small. No big deal though for me-atleast we have the second bedroom closet! The laundry room here is huge, plenty of room there. We put Teddy's dishes in there and he likes that. I think he thinks this is just his room! Well I better get a move on and make breakfast for John and I for when he and Teddy come back from their jaunt! Everyone have an awesome day!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Forgot to Post Easter before my Break!

I forgot to post the Easter pictures of our NJ visit. Then I will be on a break until after we move Saturday. Here they are:
Breakfast at Millside Cafe with our friends, Mike and Heidi. We have been friends for almost 25 yrs. They are great friends!
Jenny and Owen ready for Church on Easter morning. They are so cute!
Devyn (my niece), Owen and Jenny chilling out on my parents couch.
Owen dyeing his own Easter egg with Auntie Meg to help!
Troy (my nephew), Megan, Owen, Tawny (my niece), Shawna (my niece) and Sandy (my younger sister) dyeing eggs. My Dad kept telling us about these 3 ponds that had swans on them. He walks around 6 in the morning on the abandoned railroad beds near their house. He found these ponds while he was walking. So here are some pictures from our 6 mile walk with him after Easter dinner. Yes I said 6 mile walk. Now mind you my Dad is 75 yrs. old and does this walk every other day! He is amazing!
What a beautiful swan swimming on one of the 3 ponds.
Swans swimming.
I love this swan photo. I will be making a calendar for my Dad for his birthday or Christmas and I will probably put this photo on one of the months.
This is one of the ponds, which I really think this one would be considered a lake. The sun was shining on the water, the swans were swimming near by and I had my sister, Sandy, brother in law, Dan, niece, Shawna, nephew, Troy, my Dad and John with me. Just wonderful!
My niece, Shawna was one of the youngest on the walk and she got tired so my brother in law carried her for part of the way. Dan's back will probably be hurting for a few days! Hope you enjoyed the photos and I'll see you on the other side of the move!! HUGS!!

Taking a Break

As most of you know now I will be moving to apartment on Saturday (John and Teddy are coming with me). I am going to take a short break from blogging while I pack up the rest of the house and physically move. I will miss you all but I really have to concentrate on packing. See you all after the move!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Back from NJ Safe and Sound

Hi Everyone! We got back from NJ around 6:30 tonight from NJ. The trip went quickly both going and coming back, which is always good. My Mom is doing much better. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes! She went to the Dr. this afternoon and had all her packing from her nose removed and the ENT Dr. said she had a burst blood vessel. Her blood pressure went sky high when she was in the emergency room because of the severe bleeding and the fact that she was so upset. That is understandable. She still has to take it easy for another 3-4 days or so. Well all chipped in and made Easter dinner which turned out really good! It was really good to see my Mom and Dad, sisters, nieces and nephews. My Dad, John, Sandy (my younger sister), her husband, Dan, their youngest daughter, Shawna and my nephew, Troy went on a 5.5-6 mile hike. My Dad makes this trek every other day. There are 3 lakes and the swans are usually on there. He has seen up to 98 swans at a time. Unfortunately we went later in the afternoon than my Dad usually and there were only a few swans there, but they were still gorgeous! It was a beautiful day and it was great to see my Dad so happy that we all went with him. My parents were so happy to see Owen! He was such a good little boy the entire weekend! He also traveled very well up to NJ and back. On the way back Jenny said he slept almost the whole way home! We all had so much fun with him! I have alot of pictures, which I will be posting probably tomorrow. Now that we are back in town, we have to get moving on packing. We move on Saturday!!! YIKES do I have alot to accomplish for that date! It will be good to get settled in until the house is done being built, which should be about 6 months. Well this is it for now!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

Happy Easter everyone! John and I will be traveling to NJ for the Easter Holiday. We will be visiting my parents, my sisters and their families. Plans have changed a little and I ask that you keep my Mom in your prayers. Yesterday my Dad had to rush my Mom to the Emergency Room. She had a horrific nosebleed and they couldn't get it stopped. She got to the Emergency Room and her blood pressure was 189/113! They had to pack her nose and put in an air tube. The bleeding finally stopped but now she is home and not feeling well. I will be cooking Easter dinner with help from my sister. My Dad sounded really lost because my Mom usually isn't incapacitated at all. I'm glad we will be there to help. My sisters went over today and cleaned and made dinner for my Dad. My Mom has just been eating a little and drinking alot of water. I'm hoping that each day she will get a little better. She will be seeing her regular Dr. on Monday and I hope he can find the reason for these 2 nosebleeds. I will talk to you all when I get back! Have a good one!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Country Lanes

When John and I were driving back from the mountains yesterday, we took a little country lane. I love to drive on country lanes and back roads. I found some really beautiful pictures of country lanes and back roads on Here they are:
This country lane reminds me of Kentucky and horse country. I love the fence along the road.
I love when sunlight comes through trees on to a beautiful country lane.
This picture is just gorgeous! Fall and a country lane-just gorgeous!
One of my favorite spring country lane photos is this one! The trees are gorgeous, just stunning!
Sunsets are always beautiful but add a country lane and you have something really gorgeous! I used to ride my horse every day up a country lane. This lane was dirt and very untraveled. I used to love riding on this lane all by myself listening to the birds. It always made me reflect on how gorgeous nature is. I hope the next time you travel you find a country lane or road to travel on and by all means take in nature!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

This Weekend!

I haven't been on my blog since Thursday because Friday John and I went with our friend, Ginny up to the mountains. We stayed at Buffalo Tavern B&B. My knitting girls and I have been up there before and we have had a wonderful time. Ginny wanted to go up and thought it would be a getaway for John and I and it was. It was so good to relax, knit, read, walk around the property, etc. I think we got alot of rest and relaxation and we now feel rejuvenated. We got back from the mountains today and headed over to Megan's neighborhood for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. Jenny brought Owen and he loved the Easter Bunny, the kids, the eggs and seeing his Papa! Owen said Papa for the first time today. Of course, he didn't say it one time he said it a million times-LOL!! Papa was so excited Owen called him by name and hugged his neck as hard as he could! Here are some pictures of Owen we took today:
Owen's First Easter Egg Hunt
The Easter Egg Hunters
Owen loves sitting on Papa's shoulder.
It was a beautiful day to play in the grass. Papa and Owen had so much fun. I loved watching them have such a wonderful time!
Owen playing. I came home from the Easter Egg Hunt and had dinner with John before he went to his Stephen's Ministry Meeting. After John left I started packing some more boxes. Time is running out for packing before the 4/14 move!! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!