Monday, March 7, 2022

3.7.2022 Spring Has Sprung in SC

 Hi Everyone!  I hope this finds you all well and getting some Spring like weather in your area.  It has been so nice and warm here lately.  I love going outside and hearing all the birds tweeting away.  Today it is pretty breezy here but it is 79 degrees at 12:00 (noon) and expected to go up to 84 degrees.  So nice!  It just makes you smile and feel so much better.

Jenny, the boys and I went to Congaree National Park last week.  It is in Hopkins, SC.  That is about 1.5 hours from our home.  We really liked walking the boardwalk path they have.  There are so many cypress trees and knees there.  It was really beautiful.  Here are some photos:

Myself and Jack-Left
Jenny and Owen-Right

Beautiful cypress trees reflecting in the water.

Kingfisher carved from wood in the Visitor Center.

Owen looking at the moss growing on this cypress tree.

Odd shaped cypress knees.

This vine twisted and twisted-making a sculpture almost on the tree.

Jack walking on the boardwalk.

This is how Jack felt after the 2.2 mile walk through the Park.

Jack on the left, Owen on the right.  It was really a great day!

This weekend I took a mini vacay and went to Megan and Ken's down to Georgetown.  They live in Wedgefield Plantation and there is a golf course across the pond.  Just so beautiful!  

This is from Megan and Ken's backyard.  So pretty!

Sunsets are exceptionally beautiful!

On Saturday we went to Trader Joe's and I bought these beautiful plants:

Kalanchoe for my kitchen windowsill.

Miniature rose for my kitchen counter.  

It was good to get away for the weekend!  I really enjoy visiting with them.  Saturday night we went to a great Italian place.  They have a wood-fired oven.  Megan and I shared a pizza and Ken had the biggest, most wonderful Italian Sub!  

Flowers inside and out have been blooming around here.  

Red Camillia in Jenny's yard.

White with red camillis in Jenny's yard.

My second orchid is reblooming!

Close up of the saucer magnolia blooming in my backyard.

Saucer Magnolia blooming in my backyard.

My house really needed to be power washed and so did the garage.  It took the 2 men washing the house and garage all day and 10 gallons of bleach!  It looks fabulous now though!

There have been alot of golfers on the golf course behind my house, the pear trees all around are blooming, azalea are starting to bloom and the grass is getting greener.  I am glad for Spring to arrive just as Winter's bleak flowerless time was starting to get to me.  

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Enjoy!