Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Is Spring Really Coming?

Last weekend I had to go to NJ for a funeral.  When I got back to Mint Hill/Charlotte on Sunday I saw daffodils blooming in the yard.  Now if anyone has been to NJ in the winter time, you know there isn't any daffodils blooming and not for some time!  I'm so glad I live here in NC!  On Monday I was driving to work and I spotted this beautiful cherry tree blooming while I was at the stop light.

Then when I got home from work, I let Emma, our Golden Retriever out.  I fed the birds and then as I was turning around I spied a Lenten Rose blooming!!  I love this plants!  They love the cold and the colors in the blossoms are just so beautiful!

I don't know why but the photo won't flip the correct way, but you get the idea about the colors!

Then I walked around to the front of the house and that is where I saw the daffodils blooming.

Again the photo won't flip the correct way, sorry!

While I was waiting for John to come home, I opened the pattern for needlepunching I had ordered from Michelle Palmer on etsy:
Michelle has gorgeous items on her site-check it out!  I traced the pattern on to weaver's cloth I had bought and then stretched the fabric on my new frame.  I bought the weaver's cloth, needle punch and frame from The Old Tattered Flag:  I am now addicted to needle punching!  I had never done this craft before, but I watched some youtube videos and learned what I needed to know.  I love it!!  Here is what I have done so far:

This is also sideways.  I'm at work now and I probably could have turned these photos around at home, again sorry!

Lastly, last night our oldest daughter, Megan and her husband, Ken had me over for dinner.  My husband was at his guitar lessons.  I remarked how nice her swag of hearts were that she had made.  After dinner we were chatting and she takes out a bag.  She pulled out some thread and strung some hearts for me!  She is very talented and I love these hearts!!  Just in time for Valentine's Day!  I put them on my painted cupboard in the dining room.  They will look really nice when hubby and I are having our Valentine's Dinner in there tomorrow night.  We have decided not to go out because it is just too crowded and definitely rushed. 

I wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!!  Hugs!!