Friday, August 14, 2020

Trip to NJ

 Well I just got back from a trip to NJ.  My Mom decided to sell the family house during the pandemic!  She did get a buyer and I had to go up with my youngest daughter, Jenny and the 2 grandboys to help get things divided up and packed up.  We did a really good job I think!  We stayed at my sister, Sandy's house.  We also got to celebrate my niece, Devyn's birthday, see my new great niece, Bradley and visit with just the family this time.  We were very cautious because of COVID.  I wanted to see my friends but with COVID I thought it would be better not to.  When I was at my sisters house, I felt like I was at a spa.  She has a pool with a gorgeous view, a hot tub, a tiki bar and just a really relaxing place to hang out!  Here are so photos of Sandy and my brother-in-law, Dan's place.

Jenny, the boys and I really didn't want to leave!  Who would!  

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

New Paint in the Master Bath 8.4.20

Hi Everyone!  I told everyone yesterday I would be back today with some photos and descriptions of painting my Master Bath and granite countertops.  Well as promised here are some:

This is the before photo of my Master Bath

This is the after photo of my Master Bath.  I love how everything worked out.  The only new items I bought was the coral picture in between the mirrors and the 2 mirrors.  I had everything else! 

Here is a few more photos of the bath all painted up:

I was very happy how this project turned out!  Everything worked out so well and I only had to buy a few things for the walls and that was all!  

Enjoy your day!

Monday, August 3, 2020

8/3/20 A Walk in the Garden

I have been really bad about posting!  I try to remember to post almost every day but that has not happened in quite some time.  Well I'm here today and I took a walk around my garden.  Here are some photos I took:

This coneflower has done really well this year, even in the extreme heat!

This is a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree that needed to be brought back to life.  It is doing really well!

Mandevilla Vine

My marigolds are doing so well this year.

Heritage Rose

This red Tuberous Begonia has out done itself this year.  I hope I can keep it alive through the Winter.

I hope you have enjoyed taking a stroll with my garden with me!  I will post tomorrow, my Master Bath redo that I have completed recently!

Everyone have a great evening!