Monday, February 15, 2016

02.15.16 Valentine's Day a Day Late

Happy Valentine's Day everyone a day late.  I have had the flu and I have just started to feel a little better.  I have been sick since Thursday night with fever, chills, aches, major fatique, congestion  and upset stomach.  This is going around and I hope I don't spread it to someone else.

Last Wednesday my husband, John had a huge bouquet of flowers sent to my office and they were just gorgeous!!  He always orders flowers from The Blossom Shop here in Charlotte.  They have such wonderful ways of arranging such fresh, stunning flowers.  Here are a few pics:

This is the arrangement from the top
This is the arrangement from the side.  The dark cranberry flowers in the center of the hydrangeas are miniature calla lillies!

 I can truthfully say John did good :)!

Yesterday he ordered a heart-shaped pizza from Jet's Pizza, which was yummy!  I think I'll keep him!

On a sad note, our Golden Retriever, Teddy who is 9 years old has run into some medical problems.  His mind is fine but the vet says he has a tumor on his spine.  He has lost all control of the right front leg.  He cannot even stand on it, his elbow won't lock anymore.  His muscles have atrophied on that side of his body.  We rescued Teddy when he was 1 1/2 years old.  So he has been with us most of his life.  It looks like we will have to put him down this week because he is in alot of pain.  We really wish there was something we could do for him, but there really isn't. 

This is Teddy yesterday.  I had to help him up on the ottoman.  He loves to lay up there and sleep up there.  He also goes up there to get away from Joy.  He really cannot handle her right now.
Well that is all the news I have right now.  Sorry to end with such a sad note :(.