Thursday, August 25, 2022

It has been a really long Summer! 8.25.2022

 Hi Everyone!  Boy have I missed all of you!  It has been a roller coaster ride of a summer here in SC.  The temps have been so high, along with the high humidity.  I have been having alot of issues with my chemo treatments and Neulasta treatments, so the summer has just flown by!  Everything should be calming down soon on all accounts.  

I have been having my chemo and Neulasta treatments since April and next month (September 13th and 14th) will finally be the end of all of this!  Each month I seemed to have more and more lasting affects from the treatments.  The Neulasta treatment is the worst!  This month I have been down for over 1.5 weeks with different symptoms than before.  I can finally say today I am feeling more like myself.  The good news in all of this is, the treatments are working and hopefully by next month I will be cancer free!!  I had a Contrast CT Scan at the 3 month mark and the cancer and all other issues were almost gone!  Yes gone!  It is truly a miracle.  My oncologist put the old scan next to the new one and I almost cried I was so happy!  Thanks for all your prayers and thought by the way.

On to more pleasant subjects.  Well the heat has certainly affected the flowers in my garden.  Some did great but needed constant watering.  I think my dahlias took the brunt of the heat though.  They have been really slow to bud and bloom.  Some aren't doing anything.  My roses really loved the temps but even they didn't bloom as much as usual.  Here are some pics though of what did bloom:

Jackmanni Clematis

Peaches and Cream Dahlia



Lady of Shallot Rose

Oh Happy Day Rose

I celebrated my 63rd birthday on July 23rd.  Megan and the grandboys took me to the Inn at the Crossroads in town hotel restaurant for dinner.  We had such a wonderful time as you can see in the picture below:

Left to right-Megan, Owen, myself and Jack.

I have been trying to keep my mind busy when I don't feel well.  I have done some craft projects recently along with my perpectual knitting.  Here are 2 projects completed.

I did 3 pumpkins at our town's ceramic studio.  It's called Olio Studios and they have a wonderful variety of projects you can chose from.  I'm going to start doing pottery again.  They have I think 4 wheels and you can do studio time and they fire it for you!

I embroidered these cute little pumpkins and vines.  My friend, Michelle Mays owns The Raspberry Rabbits.  She has kits and this is one of them.  It is called Nine Patch Pumpkins and I loved creating it!  I need to wet this and iron it in order to frame it and put it in just the right spot for the Fall!

I made these earrings in my studio above my garage.  I'm using the studio more and more.  

I grew this eucalyptus and dried it to make a wreath.

Here is the finished product!  I love it and it smells wonderful!

I decided this summer to refinish my antique dresser.  I bought this dresser almost 30 years ago at an auction in the town we were living in at the time.  I think I paid $20 for it.  It was almost black from tar and nicotine from a smoker that owned it.  It didn't smell like smoke though, thank goodness.  I've had it unpainted for so long.  The last move really took it's toll on this piece.  I had done peel and stick wallpaper on the wall behind my bed this summer and the dresser really looked like it needed refreshing so I decided to paint it.  I got some Fusion Mineral Paint.  I cleaned the dresser and then painted it. I changed the old wooden knobs out for new wooden knobs.  The old knobs were cracking and I was tired of gluing them.  Hobby Lobby had these beautiful carved knobs all painted and everything!   Here are the before and after photos.

I do have to say this summer there has been some beautiful sunsets and I have been enjoying every one of them!  Here are a few beauties I'll leave you with!

Everyone enjoy every minute of the day and night!