Wednesday, December 22, 2021

12.22.2021 Christmas is Almost Here!

 Hi Everyone!  So sorry for being away so long.  I have been sick for the last 2.5 weeks with a sinus, ear infection and bronchitis!  All I have to say is I am thankful I am on the mend and I never want those things again!  I took 2 COVID tests because I thought it was that, but thankfully it was not.  I was so afraid it was, but I never lost my sense of smell and taste and I only had a low grade fever. Alot of coughing going on for sure.  That put me way behind on my wrapping of the presents I had ordered early (thank goodness!).  I am all done now, as of this morning!  My grandson, Owen (10 yrs old) came over yesterday and helped me wrap everything but his things and his brothers things.  He was such a delight to have with me for the day!  I love that little boy!  He is so sweet and kind.  I took him out to lunch and he was very chatty and told the waitress it was the best meal he ever had!  She just beamed and she told him, he made her day!  If we all could just do little things to make people smile, the world would be a better place! :)

I am having Christmas Eve here and Jenny and Kevin are hosting Christmas Day dinner this year.  We are going to church to the 4:00 service and then we are coming back here for appetizers.  It should be a really nice, quiet night.  If it doesn't get too hot here, I'll put a fire in the fireplace to enjoy the crackling and warmth.  We have decided to open our stocking stuffers on Christmas Eve here at my house.  Christmas morning is just so busy with all the gifts.  The boys were told that Santa is only bringing gifts this year, so we were doing the stockings.  I wonder to myself, how many more years the boys will believe.  Jack, who is only 8 told us last year he didn't believe anymore but this year he acts like he does believe.  Christmas with children is always a special time of year, whether they are your own, grands, nieces, nephews or neighborhood children.

Alot of my neighbors have been dropping off cookies, a fruitcake and chocolates.  I thought that was very nice of them.  They all said they were sorry to hear I had been sick.  Boy news really travels fast in this neighborhood!  I told my Mom I got a fruitcake (she loves the brand I got too).  I'm not much of a fruitcake person.  I think I'll put it in the freezer for her when I see her.  She has been very cranky lately and very negative.  I hope she gets out of that real soon!

Well, I better get back to my list of things I need to get done before Christmas Eve!  I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Christmas Has Arrived at My House 12.01.2021

 Hi Everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I certainly did!  My daughters, their husbands and 2 grandsons came here.  We all had a great time!

The day after Thanksgiving, I started to decorate for Christmas.  It took a few hours to put Thanksgiving decorations away.  Then out came the Christmas tree!  I thought I would put it in the living room in front of the French doors leading to the screened in porch.  That didn’t work, tree was too big.  So I moved my blue and white chair and put it in the corner of the front of the living room.  It looks beautiful looking at the house from the outside at night!  So glad I put it there.  

I have so many beautiful, old ornaments.  My Mom gave me a glass candy that was on her tree as a child.  She sold the family house in 2020 and that is when she gave it to me.  I always loved it!

Moving into a new house makes it fun decorating the different rooms.  I must say I went into a panic though.  I couldn’t find my stained glass tree topper I made over 25 years ago.  I searched through every bin, but one had alluded me in the attic.  It was in there all the time safe and sound!

I also set up my nativity scene.  I placed my bible on a bed of greenery.  I received this bible when I was in 3rd grade.  I turned the pages to the book IG Matthew (the Christmas story) and I clipped a feathered dove to it.  My Nana displayed her bible the same way near her nativity for all her married life.

It is funny how we remember certain things as a child and the carry through to our adult lives.  My Mom also had given me the nativity manger that we had at our home.  I put that in the den.

I decorated a little at the front of the house.  I’m waiting for 3 more candles for the windows to arrive, then my front of the house decorating will be complete!

This is a little dark to see but I put a wreath and garland around and on the door.

I added the garland after this photo.  I wanted to put lights in the garland, but there isn’t an outlet out front on the exterior.

I will leave you with some photos of ornaments that are meaningful to me.  I hope you are having as much fun decorating as I am!


Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Laundry Room Shelf and Sign 11.16.2021

 Hi Everyone!  Today was a gorgeous day here in Lake City, SC!  It was 71 degrees and sunny.  I love living here with these temps!  I have lived in the South for 17 years but used to live in Northwestern NJ where it was in the 30's or 40's this time of year.  

Yesterday I went up to Florence, SC.  It is about a 25 minute ride from my house.  They have a Hobby Lobby up there.  I was with my daughter, Jenny and my youngest grandson, Jack.  I went into the wood department looking for maybe some unusual or cute sign wood.  There was just what I was looking for-a wooden shelf (this one also had a plate rail!!).  It was only $14.99 so I grabbed it up.  I painted it with one coat of white chalk and another coat today.  Once it was dry I hung it up over my washer and dryer.  I decided to decorate it a little for Christmas.  I might change it, but for photo purposes I wanted to have some things on the shelf.  I also hung up a metal Laundry sign that I have had for about 10 years.  Yesterday I decorated an antique printer's tray that my daughter, Jenny gave me.  This is the only Christmas I have done in my house because I'm hosting Thanksgiving and I want to leave those decorations up until the day after.  I try and not rush the seasons.  I feel like that area of the laundry room/breakfast room is all done now.  I am very happy the way it all turned out.  Take a look at what I did below:

This is the antique Printer's Tray.  I used little spool trees, minature glass Christmas balls and snowmen to decorate each compartment.

This is the Laundry Room shelf.  Painted with white chalk paint.  I then decorated it with a huge pinecone from Jenny's yard, a Magnolia Christmas tree, a salt glaze pottery santa, a mason jar candle, a little Christmas Irish cottage and a candle.  I finished it with a pinecone, cinnamon stick garland.  I have had the Laundry Room metal sign for about 10 years.  I think I bought it at World Market.

I hope you like the things I did, I certain do!  I love doing little things like this, not overwhelming or time consuming.  Everyone have a lovely evening!


Monday, November 8, 2021

Day Surgery on 11/4

 Hi Everyone!  Well today is 11/8 and I feel almost 100% from my day surgery on 11/4.  I think you are all aware I have B Cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma (I have had this for 5 years).  I have never had chemo, radiation or any treatment.  Lymphoma is different than other cancers.  I have a very slow growing lymphoma and the diagnosis is just to watch it.  I had 3 lymph nodes on the left side of my neck that go larger and didn't go down like they usually do.  My oncologist recommended a set of CAT Scans, then a PET Scan.  He then said I should have the 3 lymph nodes biopsied.  You can't do a needle biospy for these.  They did the biopsy on Thursday and removed the largest lymph node completely and biopsied the other 2.  I get the results tomorrow.  I have a virtual meeting with my oncologist.  He had them biopsied because he just wants to make sure this slow growing lymphoma has become an agressive form of lymphoma.  He was pretty positive it had because there wasn't any changes in the CAT Scan I had in late August to the PET Scan I recently had.  Keep your fingers crossed it is just some lymph nodes acting up and nothing more serious.  I am trying to remain calm.  I really hope my husband, John that passed away unexpected almost 2 years ago (11/27) is keeping a close watch over me!  If all of you could pray for me also, that would be great!!

SC has become so cold.  Colder than usual.  I have been letting the dogs out, that is how I know it has been cold.  No longer is the AC needed, the heat is on.  I keep it lower because the dogs get so hot and I always have a sweater on.  This week they say it should be back up in the high 60's/low 70's during the day this week until Friday when it drops down to the 50's during the day.  I have to go get my turkey for Thanksgiving some time later this week.  I will try and get as much as I can for Thanksgiving before the stores get so crowded.  I'm having Thanksgiving here.  They girls, their husband's and my 2 grandsons will be coming for Thanksgiving, which will be really nice.  It is easier when we all live relatively close to each other.  I am looking forward to cooking the turkey and all the fixings.  It will help keep my mind off John being gone.  He has left such a hole in our hearts.  Missing him tons right now!

Well I guess I better go rest.  I still get tired very easily.  I am also pretty bruised.  The nurses tried 4 times to find a vein for my IV and really left some nasty bruises.  The anestheologist had to do the IV and I have a huge bruise there too.  Between the IV messes and the actual incision, I look like I was in a car accident!  

I hope everyone has a lovely day, I hope the sun is shining where you and always remember to hug, call or visit your loved ones!!


Friday, October 29, 2021

Stained Glass Studio All Set Up!! 10.29.2021

 Hi Everyone!  I hope you are having a great day!  I have been having a great day so far.  I love Friday!  Even though I am retired it just seems like Friday wraps up the week and gets you ready for the weekend!

Today I went into the studio over the garage that my girls set up for me.  There is a stained glass table up there.  They ran out of time to set this up and they don't do stained glass so they really wouldn't know where I needed my tools and supplies.  I brought up all the boxes and plastic tubs of glass that were on the first floor of the garage.  2 of the tubs were so heavy, I didn't think I would be able to do it but I did!  I started out by sorting out all the cut pieces of glass by color and put them in separate boxes.  It makes it easier for finding smaller pieces like for leaves, buds of flowers, etc. if I have this done ahead of time.  The I took the larger pieces of glass that I have by color and leaned them again the wall under the bank of windows up there.  That way when I'm making a large project I will know if I have enough glass to make the project.  I got my grinder all ready to plug in and the air filter I use is in place also.  There is a small amount of lead in the solder (I buy solder with 20% lead in it no more).  The filter makes such a difference.  I put it right by my solder iron so the smoke goes right into the filter.  I realized I must have thrown out the chemicals like flux, patina, etc.  I will have to go to Hobby Lobby and pick up that.  Oh darn I will have to go to Hobby Lobby LOL!!  I love that place!!  I will also have to get some DW-40.  I spray a few cotton balls and rub my glass cutter on that during the cutting process.  It keeps the glass powder off the cutter making it last longer.  Here are some pictures I took of the studio (please don't pay attention to the floor, I forgot to bring up the vacuum cleaner with me).

This is the table I have all my supplies on and actually cut and create the glass project here.

It is hard to see the colors of these pieces, but this helps me decide if I have enough glass for the project I'm working on.

More glass.  The 2 pieces wrapped in bubble wrap are pieces I made but the movers broke them when we moved into our Mint Hill, NC house.  I am going to repair them.  The one in front I made probably 30 years ago and love.  The one behind it is a katamaran I made for John.  He always had it in his office.  One day the chain snapped and broke 2 pieces on the edge.  I'm going to repair that and hang it in the studio.  Every time I look at it, I will think of all the good times we had.  He loved that piece!

More glass.  There is a very rich red glass there and some gorgeous blues!

This is the last wall of glass.  Mostly browns, white, black, tan, peach and light lavender.  

When I was unwrapping the glass, I found the next piece of glass (actually 2 pieces of it).  I love the blue-green glass.  I see a lake or pond in a piece out of this glass!  I might make something for myself at some time for in the family room.  I have 4 windows in there in a row, it would be nice to have a beautiful window in there.  The light streams in there almost all day-just beautiful!

I took a class on Pawley's Island recently in a plant shop.  The owner asked if I would be willing to make some plant stakes for her shop to sell on consignment.  I told her I would.  I will probably make some butterflies, hummingbirds, dragonflies, small flowers, etc.  I was also asked if I would put some on my etsy site and I probably will.  It could be a nice side job for me.  

I also have to bring all my watercolor supplies up to the studio also!  I have an idea in my head to make a very large oblong shaped watercolor for over my bed.  I'm thinking of a landscape scene.  I haven't painted anything bigger than 11" x 14".  I hope I can do it!  I also would like to make some jewelry (most earrings) for some Christmas presents at my jewelry table in the studio.  So many project, so little time!! LOL!!  I love creating!

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and Happy Halloween!  My grandsons are trick or treating in my neighborhood.  They actually have a hayride for them and they trick or treat from there!  They are coming over for cupcakes after they are done.  Should be fine times!


Friday, October 15, 2021

October 15, 2021 Friday

 Hi Everyone!  I have gardened for years.  I have grown dahlias before but this year I decided I was going to order some different varieties and grow them again.  I hadn't grown dahlias in about 20 years.  After a slow start, they seemed to come into their own and are still blooming!  Here are my beauties this year.

Cafe au Lait

Hamari Gold

Sierra Gold


Rip City

The tag got lost, so I'm not sure what this one is called.

I have ordered some more dahlias for more variety next year.  I'm not going to put them in pots like I did this year, they will be in raised beds.  I especially love the dinnerplate ones and look forward to growing more of those.  So pretty!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Monday, October 11, 2021

Weekend with the Daughters and the Lake City Swamp Race

 Hi Everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend!  I did!  

Saturday both my daughters, Megan and Jenny painted and set up a craft area for me in the room over the garage.  This was my birthday present, which was in July.  The AC had stopped working up there and everyone's schedule was so busy but this weekend worked for everyone and the AC is fixed.  Here are some photos of the room all done:

The girls know I love tea.  So they made me a tea station!

This is my jewelry creating table.  On the left side of the screen is all the gems and beads on the bookshelf.  The triangle piece is a shawl loom my son in law, Kevin made.  On the right side of the picture is my knitting area.  Looks so comfy, can't wait to use it!

Knitting area!

This is my painting area.  I do watercolors.  I have more supplies I just have to bring them up there.  I really want to start painting again.  I have so many ideas!

On Saturday the boys Trail Life group held the annual Lake City Swamp Run.  The boys went dressed as The Mad Hatter (Owen) and Bilbo Baggins (Jack).  Owen won $100 for creative costume!  Jenny and Megan also ran in the race.  Megan was a butterfly and Jenny went as Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas.  Here are some photos:

Owen on the left as The Mad Hatter and Jack on the right as Bilbo Baggins.

Megan is on the left-Butterfly and Jenny is to the right of her-Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas.

Sunday I just rested and relaxed after Megan left to go home around noon.  It was wonderful!  I really enjoyed the girls and boys visiting.  It was really a wonderful weekend!



Monday, October 4, 2021

Monday, October 4, 2021-A Wonderful Autumn Day

 Hi Everyone!  Today is a "do nothing" day for me.  All the renovations are done (except for a few small things), the housewarming party is over (it was this Saturday) and I have nothing that really needs me today!  I really am looking forward to getting back into knitting and reading.  I have a crew of HVAC men here replacing all the ductwork under the house.  I have no AC today or tomorrow.  It is fine though, I have alot of ceiling fans in the house and I have an oscillating fan also.  The nights and early mornings are cooler here.  I really do love this time of year!  I had alot of fun decorating for Autumn.  Here are some photos I took:

Autumn Mantel in the Living Room.

Autumn Mantel in the Family Room.

I have a cupboard in the Dining Room.  I decided to create this little arrangement for there.  The Ironstone pitcher was my Mom's.  She bought it from my Grandmother's landlady for a quarter before I was born!  I am 62.

A little arrangment in the Family Room.

I love pumpkins, so I had to put some on the screened porch.  The white ones looked great with the fiddleleaf fig!

Coffee table arrangment.

I made these concrete pumpkins.  I have 2 others that I painted white and put them on the front porch steps.

All ready for Autumn!

I have a new dahlia blooming.  It is called Haman Gold.  My dahlias are late this year.  It is my fault though, I cut the middle stem too soon.  It had also been so terribly hot and they are not a fan.  Here is the Haman Gold:

Haman Gold

Now that all the house renovations are done, I plan on working on my gardens more.  I have some autumn sedum and a camellia to plant.  I also have an Autumn Clematis, a peony and a tree peony to plant.  I would also like to create a cutting garden and a veggie garden.  I may buy the raised beds for the veggie garden though.  I am going to have one for dahlias next year too!  Next Spring I would like to create a rose garden in a circle out in the front lawn.  I have a circular driveway out front that would look so beautiful with a rose garden.  I am, however, taking some time off after all the work I did.  At the end I was exhausted.  I also look forward to posting more on the blog.  

Off to enjoy the audio book I'm listening too (The Secret Wife by Gil Paul).  Everyone have a lovely day!


Thursday, September 2, 2021

Thursday, September 2, 2021 The Renovation is Done!!

 Hi Everyone!  I am happy to report the renovations are done!  I have some trim painting to finish and some unpacking but all the actually work is done, the contractors are gone and life carries on!  Here are some finished photos:

I painted the Dining Room (SW Frosted Sage) and hung some valances up.  This room is pretty much done now except for Fall decorating!

Another picture of the dining room.

This photo is hanging in the breakfast room area.  Jenny found this oil painting at a thrift store for $13!  I love it!

New Rug in the den!

I put together one of the two bookcases for the den.  This goes with my desk in there.  Color is Chalked Chestnut.

Living Room

Fall arrangement I made for the Living Room.

Living Room from another angle.

I love this blue and white chair with the blue paint on the walls.

Living room, which I will be putting up new curtains soon.

This is the new front door.  I made a Fall basket for the front door.  I also spray painted the black lanterns I had and put them on the porch.  I put faux candles in the lanterns.  The upper shutters are all back on and it looks great!

This is the first time since this garage was built in 1979 that it had garage doors !  I think it looks so much better.  After I finish up the things in the house, I will then work on the outside gardens.  I want to create a cutting garden, a few raised bed veggie and flower gardens in the backyard, get the shrubs trimmed and clean up the driveway by power washing it.  

That is all the photos I have so far!  I am really enjoying my new house and I'm so glad the reno is over and I can enjoy everything here!  I hope you like what I did!