Tuesday, May 10, 2022

5.10.22 Alot Has Been Going On!

 Hi Everyone!  I know I haven't been on here in some time but alot of things have been going on.  I hope everyone is well!

On April 13 I had my chemo port put in.  Boy was that sore!  It has healed really nicely though and is very helpful for my chemo treatments, etc.  On April 24th and 25th I received my first chemo treatments along with a steriod, another med to counteract the chemo, 2 pills to be taken every morning and evening and lots of fluids.  I was doing really well until April 5th.  I started to have a really bad allergic reaction to one of the pills and one of the chemo meds.  April 6th, Friday I had to go to the hospital to see my oncologist and have IV fluids.  I was dehydrated, had a fever, light headed, low blood pressure and a rash all over my body that was so itchy and hot to the touch.  I was given 2 bags of steriods, steriod pills (which I am still taking) and a huge bag of fluids.  I haven't been doing much of anything since then.  I had to go back to the hospital yesterday for another round of fluids.  I am doing much better, but boy did that really knock me for a loop!  Every day I should get better than the day before.  On May 24th and 25th I have to have my second round of chemo and I am sure that will go much better!  They will give me steriods, etc. to counteract the allergic reaction.  I am just thankful I didn't have to be admitted and stay in the hospital.  I was able to come home, have Mother's Day with my girls here at my house and just rest.  I am very thankful for all that I have because you just never know what life is going to throw at you at any time!  

My gardens have been pretty much taking care of themselves!  My roses and daylilies are blooming now along with all the other flowers (perennials).  I do love taking a short walk through the gardens and watch the roses open, smell their beautiful scents and just enjoy!

Well that is all I have to tell you for now.  Lets hope everything goes great from here on in!

Enjoy your day!