Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Vacation 3/2023

Scott and I went away for a few days to Bryson City, NC.  We rented a VRBO log cabin.  It was a great vacation and we loved the cabin, it was so cozy!  Here are some photos of the cabin.

This is the cabin from the front.  We love log homes and we really loved this cabin.

This fireplace was amazing!  It had gas logs in the fireplace, so no work was required even though we love the smell of real logs burning.

There was a loft upstairs (which I forgot to take a photo of).  There was a full bed, dresser and nightstands up there.

The living area had a full size bed, the fireplace, 2 handmade rocking chairs and a TV.

Scott and I went to the village/town of Bryson City.  We walked around and looked at all the Cherokee Indian jewelry, handmade items, paintings, baskets, etc.  Then we made our way to the Nantahala River.  It was just beautiful!  Trout fishing had started the Saturday we were there, so there were fisherman everywhere.  The night before I took these photos it rained so hard and so long.  The River was really high.  We saw 2 rafts filled with rafters and people in kayaks going down the river.  

There is alot of natural reed (bamboo) growing along the river in spots.

A fisherman doing his thing.

Little purple violets were blooming.  I love them!

You can see some of the rapids in the river here.  It was a really swift current.

Scott bought me a necklace and earrings made by the Cherokee.  It is made from clam shell, the indians carved.  The purple is much more vivid in real life-just gorgeous!

This is the last picture of the river I took.  It was just gorgeous with all the stone.  The trees are just starting to get their leaves up there.

We had a wonderful trip!  We stopped at Cherokee Resorts and Casino on the way home.  Scott had a free night to stay in a suite there.  I didn't have any luck at the slots but Scott did, he won $4,700!  He is always lucky at the slots there.  It is good to be home, but it was wonderful to be with Scott for 5 days!

Until next time!



Monday, March 20, 2023

Spring is Almost Here in NC

 Well things are finally turning more to Spring than Winter here in NC.  While it has been cold (even frost/freeze warning the last week) it has been moving forward to Spring.  The leaves are actually coming out.  I went to my house in SC 2 weeks ago and the one rose I'm digging up and bringing here to NC had buds on it.  Never have I seen roses blooming this early!  The birds are chirping and building nests too.  I moved to my apartment on March 27th in Salisbury, NC.  I still have not sold the house in Lake City, SC but I did just lower the price.  I hope it sells soon!  Keep that on your prayer list please!!  I will continue to go down to SC and do somethings around the house but I do have to say I love being back for the majority of the time in NC.  I have also been enjoying being with Scott more!  The 3 hour commute was getting on both of our nerves.  Now I am about 10 minutes from him, so much better.  I have been enjoying his kids also.  They really are good kids!  Here are some photos showing Spring is really here!

Saucer Magnolia blooming at Pikes Nursery, Mint Hill, NC.

One of the orchids in my apartment.  It survived the move and is really thriving here.  It has been blooming for about 2.5 months now.

This is a sunrise a few days ago from my apartment living room window.  It was so pretty!

I made this Irish Soda Bread for St. Patrick's Day dinner.  I also made corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes.  It was so good!

My lavender at the SC house started blooming about 2.5 weeks ago.

I planted this azalea at my SC last Spring.  I love this color!

When I was at Pikes Nursery the other day, I picked up 2 Heliotropes.  They smell so good!

Another of my orchids blooming here in the apartment.

Non-stop Double Begonia from Pike's Nursery.

This is my newer orchid that just started blooming last Thursday.  Very unusual color, but so pretty!

Miniature fuschia from Pikes Nursery.

This is another beautiful saucer magnolia.  Stunning!

I keep all my orchids in my bedroom on this nightstand.  They love it here!

Well I hope all the Spring things give you some hope, that yes Spring is coming or has arrived no matter where you live!  Have a great day!