Monday, October 14, 2019

"Do Scarecrows Sleep at Night"

I used to live in Branchville, NJ.  We went to Branchville United Methodist Church.  After we moved away the town started to have a scarecrow contest.  Everyone would dress scarecrows up and add items to make a theme for their yard.  2 ladies that live in the town, Jeanne Heinke and Agnes Rizzo decided to write a book for the children of the town called Do Scarecrows Sleep at Night.  They asked several people to paint pictures for the book and I happen to be one of them!  I was told it would be a page in the book and what the them was.  So my picture had to have Pumpkinhead Jack, 3 signing angel scarecrows and they were to be in front of the Branchville United Methodist Church at night.  Pumpkinhead Jack would also be telling them to go to the park to list to Kiss.  So I had a month or two to create this painting and send it to Jeanne for publishing in the book.  I completed it in about 4 weeks and this is the painting:

This past weekend there was a book signing for this book and it sold out!!  They are going to have more printed and I hope they sell out too!!  It was fun to be part of such a wonderful thing.  Almost all the proceeds from the book is going to be given to the Frankford Twp School.  What a worthy cause!  My 2 daughters, Megan and Jenny went to that school.  It is so wonderful that this charming town got together and created the scarecrow contest and now these 2 wonderful ladies created such a charming and wonderful book for children.  This makes my heart smile :)!!