Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Very Busy Summer

 Well it is now July already!  I just don't know where the time goes.  I have been through alot of things lately.  First I got a contract on my house in June.  The woman buying the house wanted to close in 2 1/2 weeks.  I went down to SC, packed up the rest of the house.  For 2 days Scott and I moved the last of my things up to Salisbury.  The first day he and Mason (his son) arrived that afternoon the woman backed out of the contract!  I was just deflated.  I had been going through everything for 7 days.  Packing everything up, or giving things away and now no closing coming.  Then a few weeks later I got another contract.  The people had a house to sell but it was only 2 years old and in a good area.  They just got a contract all cash on their house right after I got back from Alabama.  We should close by the middle of August.  Thank you Lord!  

The trip to Alabama was to go to Rock the South.  Scott gave his daughter, Katelyn and her boyfriend, TJ this gift for Christmas.  We got an Airbnb house (which was lovely).  The weather didn't cooperate and Rock the South was not organized at all.  It was at a farm and it was supposed to be 3 days long.  We went to the first day.  The line to get to the gate was literally 4 miles long.  We were around the 2 mile mark.  It took us hours to get to the gate.  I almost passed out from heat exhaustion.  They said there was an estimated 40,000 people there.  The second day there was a horrendous thunder and lightning storm, so Scott and I opted not to go.  Katelyn and TJ went later but was never able to get in.  They waited 4 hours and only moved 200' on the highway to get into the concert.  Scott and I had to leave the next day so he could go on his fishing trip.  Katelyn and TJ went and they waited 2 hours to get in.  They said Chris Stapleton's microphone was so low you could hardly hear him.  Here are some pictures I took while we were there.

Scott told Katelyn no more tickets for concerts for Christmas.  It was alot of money and not enjoyable for the most part.  The Airbnb was wonderful though.  It was brand new and beautiful.

While I was down in SC packing up my house, I was able to have dinner and a few lunches with Jenny and the boys.

Me, Jack (left) and Owen (right).

I took some photos of my flowers in SC while I was there.

Bouquet of Glads
Gladiolus from my garden.

Lady of Shallot Rose

Here in Salisbury at Scott's house my herbs are going great!

Sage, Parsley and Basil


Lemon Thyme, Sage and Parsley

We have gone up to Scott's property near the VA border.  He bought a huge John Deere tractor and we have been having fun using that up there.  He has been in his glory driving it around the property.  I like driving the Polaris Ranger around the paths.

One of the paths through the woods.

Scott taking his new toy off the trailer.

Scott on his tractor and that beautiful Carolina sky!

While I was in Alabama, my power was out for 12 hours at the apartment.  There was a severe thunderstorm here and alot of trees went down.  I had to replace alot of food in my refrigerator.  The only good thing about having to shop for replacement food was Harris Teeter was having a huge sale on roses.  It was a dozen roses for $7.00.  The roses are full size.  I bought some Baby's Breath and made 3 bouquets out of them.  So beautiful!

This is a daylily I planted at Scott's house that rebloomed.  Before we left I weeded the daylily strip I put in by the flagpole and mulched it.  I see a few more are going to rebloom also.  I'm really happy!

Well other than listening to some audiobooks, knitting and watched some movies that is what I have been up to!  

I hope you all have a wonderful day!