Monday, June 14, 2021

Things are moving right along! Monday 6.14.2021

 Hi Everyone!

Well alot of painting has gotten done around here.  All the bedrooms are done now.  The master I did a few weeks ago.  Friday I painted the front bedroom  (this is the room that had the dreaded wallpaper in it that took 1.5 weeks to remove).  I painted it with Valspar paint and it was called Winter in Paris.  I don't know how they make up the names but it sounds and looks pretty!  

Today I painted the back bedroom.  It was also Valspar paint and it is called Ghost Ship.  It looks more gray in the photo, but in person there is more blue in it.  I wanted something very subtle.  I'm happy with it!

This is before.  (I almost forgot to take a photo before I rolled the walls)

This is the after photo.  Like I said you can see more blue in the paint in person.  You can kind of see some more blue in the corner of the room. You can also see it in the Before photo, the blue coloring.  I ordered a Pottery Barn paisley duvet cover and shams to put in that room.  There is blue, green and golds in it.  Should go very nicely!  

I will be taking a 2-day break from painting.  I was almost done with the painting and I went to step down and lost my balance a little and slammed my hip into the door casement!  I'm nursing that along. I also have some other appointments the next few days that would interfere with painting or projects anyway.  

My veggies in the veggie trug are going crazy!  The summer yellow squash, tomato and cucumbers are just exploding!  I have really enjoyed the summer squash many nights last week and this weekend.  Yesterday I grilled a steak, steamed summer squash and I roasted some potatoes on the grill in a foil packet with olive oil and rosemary from my garden and it was wonderful!  (See below)

Veggie trug

I started a garden where there was never one before at this house.  I dug up the sod and got some plants in that I had brought from the other house and ordered from plant suppliers.  To my surprise this little daylily bloomed!  I love the color.

On Saturday I walked around and looked at my plants.  I could not pass up this lovely hydrangea blossom!  Most of mine were blue but this one is purple!  I love it.  I have a really dark purple one I put in when I first moved here in the front garden.  This is lighter but just as beautiful!

Yesterday as I do on ever Sunday is my day of rest!  After working on the house every day, I need a break and boy did I need one on this Sunday!  I watched part of the Westminster Dog Show.  Ginger was so funny, she actually started watching it while Emma just napped on the floor.

Ginger watching the Westminster Dog Show on Sunday!  I think she is thinking, "I'm glad I'm not being shown at that show.  Looks like too much work"!

Well that is about all I have for today!  I hope your day is lovely!


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

6.8.21 Tuesday Rainy Day

Hi Everyone!

Well we have another rainy day today.  I know we needed rain, but it can stop now.  I just am not motivated today at all.  I did, however, spackle the guest room.  Yesterday I washed the walls down to get the wallpaper paste off and then I primed the walls to seal any remaining paste.  Tomorrow I have to go back to NC for my dentist appointment.  I was in the beginning of having an implant put in when I moved from NC to SC.  I have to have an impression done for the crown and they are going to clean my teeth (get that out of the way).  I will have to make one more trip to NC for the actual crown placement on the implant post.  I will be meeting my friend, Virginia from my old neighborhood for lunch.  I miss chatting with her, so I am really looking forward to the visit!  

My grandboys are done with their homeschooling classes on Friday!  They did so well on their end of the year testing!  My daughter, Jenny is making up Harry Potter baskets for them.  I am knitting the Harry Potter scarves to go with their HP hats I needed last year.  I only have a little done on Jack's scarf-see below:

The scarves shouldn't take too long.  The stitches are just knitting and purling.  Easy peasy!!  They boys certainly don't need them now!  It is so humid here with all this rain.  

I don't have any updated photos for you on the renovations.  Thursday I will paint the guest room, so I'll post that.  My kitchen cabinets and vanities are in and the crew is putting them together.  One step further to having my kitchen back!  The contractor said my LVP is also in for the guest bathroom.  I think the tile should be in soon also.  I really don't mind all the upheaval, I'm used to that having grown up in the construction field, but I really do miss cooking in my kitchen.  I miss having water on the first floor of the house too!  It will all be done before I know it!

Well I'm off to feed the dogs and make dinner.  Everyone have a lovely evening!



Monday, June 7, 2021

Monday, 6.7.21

Hi Everyone!  I hope everyone is having a great day today!  I am getting ready to go up to the guest room and start removing all the residue wallpaper paste from the walls.  I will then use a sealant and then paint the walls in that room before the carpet is put down.  Here is what the room look like without the wallpaper:

So much better without that horrible pink with flowers wallpaper.  

The contractors on Friday worked on the Master Bath!  They got the "mud" tray in for the tile in the shower and the cement board up.  Hopefully they will tile this week!  They also got the plumbing put in the wall instead of on the outside of the wall.  I think they have one more pipe to put in the wall in this picture.  They also replaced the floor board with cement board under the vanity.  

Shower all ready to tile now!

Plumbing in the wall.  Plumbing stubs already for the sinks!

When I went to let the dogs out this morning, I was greeted by my volunteer sunflower being open!  Don't sunflowers just make you smile!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!  I'm off to take the wallpaper paste off the walls in the guest room now!



Thursday, May 27, 2021

Thursday, 5.27.2021 Reno Update

Good Morning Everyone!

So there is alot of noise in the house today!  The sheetrocker is here putting up new sheetrock in my kitchen and the master bath today.  I'm not looking forward to the sheetrock dust once they start sanding.  It will be everywhere!  Oh well, that is the price you pay for renovating.  

Yesterday I got it in my head that I was going to attack taking the wallpaper down in the front guest room.  No other rooms in the house have wallpaper, just this one thank goodness!  Some of the wallpaper comes off in sheets while other parts make me really work on it.  I did find that if you use a little bit of dish soap in the hot water, it really helps bigger sheets come off the wall.  Thank goodness for that!  

Here are some pictures I took of the wallpaper removal:

This is the front half of the room before I started.  The door you see leads to a huge walk-in closet.  Thank goodness there isn't any wallpaper!

This is part of the room before I started.  It is very pink with little blue flowers on it.  Very 1979-ish!

Here is a few photos of the wallpaper removal progress from yesterday:

Well now I'm off to work on some more of the removal!  I hope everyone has a great day!


Wednesday, May 26, 2021

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That 5.26.2021

Hi Everyone!

Well I have been busy the last few days.  Yesterday I had to drive 2 hours one way up and 2 hours back to NC to see the oral surgeon that started my implant before I moved.  Everything has healed nicely!  I have to go back up June 9th to my dentist to get the crown impressions done and then again when the crown comes in.  Then that will be it for that implant!  

I decided it was time to start knitting again.  Something that didn't take alot of concentration.  I missed knitting alot more than I thought I would.  Don't get me wrong I like to knit but I needed to take a break from it and I have been too tired at night to knit.  I decided to start the Morning Coffee Shawl (it's on Ravelry).  Here is the start of it:

This is the start of the shawl from the bottom.  I'm using yarn from  I just love the way it feels!

I have done quite a bit of garden, so here is an update on my plants:

My gardenia standard is blooming and smells intoxicating!

I planted this hosta about 2 weeks ago and it has doubled in size!

I have really been enjoying my moon vine.  There were 6 blossoms unfurling on the plant last night!

Graham Thomas (David Austin rose) is one of my all time favorites!  I planted this about 2.5 weeks ago on the fence.  Just love it!

This is the hanging basket I bought at the Moore Farm Botanical Gardens right down the road from me on 5/12 at the plant sale.  It has almost doubled in size!

My dusty miller winters over, so I just have to cut it back and it starts looking lovely.  I added some little petunias to the pot with them.  The purple goes so well with the grays of the dusty miller!

Coleus is my all time favorite plant.  So many colors.  I just had to have this!!!

The hummingbirds just love this plant.  It is filled with petunias and the hummingbirds just love it really more so than the feeder.

This mandevilla vine is a beautiful shade of red for sure.

Saturday I power washed the front of the house.  It looks so much better!!

       Now the house looks lovely!!  No more green!
As you can see by this photo, there was alot of green algae growing on the house and the front porch and steps.  I got rid of it all and in only 2 hours!  I love the electric power washer I bought.

Front porch, steps and walk.  You can actually see the gray mortar!

I started Home Chef up again because of the limited cooking space I have now until the new kitchen is in.  The made Shrimp Fajita Risotto the other night and it was so good!

Last night I made Marinated Turkey Meatballs and green beans.  They were so good!  Tonight I think it is some kind of chicken and pasta dish.  Love these meals.

Last night the sunset was just gorgeous!

I hope you all enjoyed the photos!  Have a wonderful day!


Thursday, May 20, 2021

5.20.2021 Renovations Continue!

 Hi Everyone!

Yesterday major demo was accomplished!!  All the carpet is removed from upstairs and one the stairs, the master bath is totally gutted now and the kitchen is half way gutted.  Here are some photos of the progress:

The stairs are all carpet free, clean and all staples removed.

This is the front bedroom.  Free from carpet, now I just have to get that wallpaper off the walls!

Bedroom #3 carpet free!

Master Bath demo complete!

Shower area all gutted and ready for tile and the beautiful glass door.  I am using a fairly new kind of door.  It is almost like a barn door but all glass.  It will be just beautiful!

This wallpaper was found behind the vanity in the master bath.  

Kitchen demo at the end of the day yesterday.

Today the rest of the kitchen will be gutted.  They are in there banging and smashing things now!  Poor Emma, she is just beside herself.  Ginger is doing fine.  She is sleeping but does jump every once in a while when it gets really loud.  Tomorrow I will start painting the Master Bedroom while the carpet is gone.  I usually don't spill or drip, but I'm not taking any chances on my new carpet!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Tuesday, May 18, 2021

5.18.2021 In the Words of Chip Gaines- "It's DEMO Day!!"

 Hi Everyone!

Today is DEMO day!!  I am so excited about creating my new home!!  Over the weekend I really worked and got my temporary kitchen set up in the den.  It took some doing but I was able to get it all ready.  I also moved my other couch into my living room.  Here is a photo of my temp kitchen:

My table has my toaster, toaster oven, microwave along with salt, pepper, olive oil, my favorite tea, tea cup, electric tea kettle and my cooking utensils.  The moving boxes you see have plates, food and glassware in them.  I have also moved my Ninja Foodi and a hot plate borrowed from Jenny in that room.  Jenny came by yesterday and she helped me get my gas grill up on the deck, so I can do alot of cooking out there!  I think I'm ready!!

I'm going to show you some pictures of the rooms where the demo will be happening.  Please know when you see the condition of the carpet upstairs, my feet have never touch this floor.  I have vacuumed it multiple times but nothing will help this 1979 carpet.  Yes, folks it is the original carpet from when the house was built 42 years ago-YUK!!

This is the half bath downstairs.  This is a total gut job and the doorway is being moved so it doesn't open up into the kitchen!  That was just too gross for me.  The new entrance into the bath will be where the washer and dryer is now (see 2 photos down).

This is my beautiful (NOT!!) 1979 kitchen.  This is a total gut also.  Can't wait to show you all of my design choices when it is all done!

This is the washer and dryer area between the kitchen and the breakfast room area.  The washer and dryer are going to be relocated around the corner to the breakfast room area (see photo below).  The washer and dryer will go on the opposite wall from this bay window.  There will also be a pantry along side the washer and dryer for storage.  

Lots of changes will be happening in the breakfast room.  Washer and dryer relocated to here, pantry for more storage and new flooring.  The stained wood on the wall will also be painted glossy white.  I have picked out Valspar's Polar Star (see below), which is a very light gray for the walls in the kitchen, breakfast room area and half bath.  This will be more of a butler's pantry type room with my antique tiger oak round table.  I will probably eat breakfast in this room, but I will also be doing some craft projects there too!  I love the view of my backyard and the golf course beyond!

This is the color of the walls above the stained wood area.  The stained wood area, as I said will be glossy white.  I think this combo will be wonderful.  The kitchen cabinets will be white on the top and light gray on the bottom.  

On to the lovely Master Bath and carpet situation in the bedrooms, down the hall and stairs.

This is the Master Bath, which will be totally gutted.  So gross.

Master Bath vanity and mirror.  This will be all gone!

This is the carpet in my bedroom.  So disgusting!!  

Hallway the same-gross!

This is the 3rd bedroom.  I told the movers to keep the mattress in the moving bag.  I didn't want it touching the carpet in this room!

This is the second bedroom in the front of the house upstairs.  Gross, stained carpet in here too!  Don't you just love the blue/brown gross carpet!  The pink flowered wallpaper will be going too!

Same carpet in the hall and Master Bedroom going down the stairs.  Going!

This is the stairs going down.  Carpet will be all gone!  The treads of the stairs are all wood.  I have to see how the carpet would come down the turning stairs, but I am thinking of running it only down the middle of the stairs and staining the treads and painting the risers gloss white.  I have always loved this look.  With the stairs turning at the top and bottom though, I might not be able to do that.  I am also going to sand and restain the 2 banisters.  The spindles will stay white, but I'll give them a fresh coat of paint too!

Well that is the tour so far today.  I will keep everyone up to date with photos as I go along on this wonderful adventure!  It is going to look so nice when it is all done.  I have a vision in my head of every room and what it is going to look like.  I have always loved things like this!  My Dad was a house builder and I always was amazed how things turned out when they were all done.  Remodels are even more amazing because you take something old and worn and turn it into something new and reusable, almost like upcycling!

I hope everyone has a lovely day today!  More photos tomorrow! Stay tuned!


Ring of Kerry, Ireland
My husband, John and I went to Ireland for our 25th Wedding Anniversary in 2004. We had an awesome trip and we will never forget it. We actually got to visit our friends who live in Northern Ireland. We spent 3 wonderful days with them! The picture above was taken when we visited The Ring of Kerry. The beauty of Ireland is just spectacular! If you ever get a chance visit there.
Megan is my oldest daughter. She and Ken were married on April 12, 2008. It was a wonderful ceremony and reception!
Jenny and Kevin at their wedding 8/30/08. The wedding was at our home and turned out wonderful! Everyone had such a good time!