Saturday, October 31, 2015

Today is my Dad's 79th Birthday!

Dad and Jack

Dad and Owen
Today is Halloween and it is also my Dad's 79th birthday!  My Dad and I have had ups and downs over the years but I do love my Dad.  Sometimes he can be prickly and other times he can be really understanding and a kind person.  I called Dad today and had a really nice conversation with him.  I can't believe he is on the door step of 80!!  He was telling me about all the things he is working on around their farm and all the projects he wants to accomplish.  The pictures above were taken this Spring at my parents.  Owen, Jack, Jenny and I made the trip North to visit.  My Dad had three girls (me being the oldest) and now he has 2 great-grandsons.  He had both of them riding on his John Deere tractor and Owen even drove his Farmall Cub tractor. 

My Dad was a residential builder his whole work career.  He started doing masonry work but almost immediately went into building.  He built houses for 54 years.  I remember going with him to the cinder block supplier or the lumberyard.  He had a green dump truck that he loved and we would ride everywhere in it.  He built 2 homes for our family and my parents are still living in the last one he built.  He was and still is a hard working man.  He was always a little gruff and never showed his love for us by hugging us or giving us a kiss but we always knew he cared.  I think he has really mellowed with age and even tells me he loves me every once in a while.  Last June we all had a scare.  He was hospitalized in June and almost passed away.  He got bit by a tick and got some bacterial infection that was horrible.  We are also so glad he had good Drs. and they saw him through.

Happy Birthday Dad!!  Love you :)!!