Monday, June 27, 2022

Summer Garden, Monday June 27, 2022

 Hi Everyone!  I’ve been absent from here because chemo has kicked my backside this month!  I am starting to come back a little today-thank goodness!

My summer garden is coming along nicely!  Daylilies loving this SC heat.  (I’m glad something does!) Here are a few photos of this years beauties.

My roses have been so pretty too!

This is Lady of Shallot.  This is my new favorite!

Graham Thomas

Oh Happy Day

My First Love

Pink Prelude

Pink Prelude

Here are some other garden beauties.

I hope this summer garden beauties make you smile.  They certainly have given me alot of pleasure, especially not feeling well.

Take care and stay cool!


Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Chemo Update, Etc. -June 1, 2022

 Hi Everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that I have been doing well with my chemo treatments.  I have 4 under my belt now.  The first 2 though created an allergic reaction and I was really sick.  That has now been taken care of and I had my next 2 and they gave me Predisone to counteract the allergic reaction and it worked!!  So glad about that because I was pretty scared!

Summer is just flying by!  I cannot believe that it is June 1st already!  My gardens are doing well (flowers and veggie).  I have veggies forming on the plants as I type!  I planted yellow summer squash, cukes, 2 tomatoes (1 is a Cherokee heirloom one), green beans, strawberries and green pepper.  My herbs are exploding this year too!  My daylilies (even the ones I just planted this year) is doing really well.  Most are going to or have bloomed already.  My roses are just gorgeous this year too!

I had Owen, my oldest grandson yesterday, overnight and most of the day today.  We had such a wonderful time!  We did watercolor painting, lunched out twice, made dinner together, watched a movie and just chilled with each other.  Owen is going to be 11 on July 11th and he seems more like 40!  He is so smart and just loves history (which I do too!).  He has the sweetest soul and I count my blessings every day I spend with him.  

I am having problems with emailing photos from my phone to my email.  So that is why I haven't been able to post any photos.  I have also been having problems responding to your posts.  I will have to figure out what is going on or get some help on this.  Are any of you having issues?  It says to sign in to google and I am already signed in.  I have signed out and signed in again but it still won't work.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their day!