Saturday, November 10, 2018

November Trip to NJ

I traveled to NJ up to my Mom's on 11.01.18 and stayed until 11.07.18.  I had never took that trip by myself, but it was a breeze up and back.  It is about a 10-10.5 hour trip.  I played and book up and back so that was a good way to pass the time.  While I was up there I decided I would try out my new camera (birthday gift from my hubby and girls).  I was in luck because the wild turkey decided they were going to visit while I was there!  Here are some shots I got in.

They were interesting to watch!

I took some photos of my Mom's front and backyard.  Her Japanese Maple out front was so colorful!!

My Dad planted these 2 Burning Bushes in their backyard.  They are so beautiful!

The Burning Bushes have beautiful red berries on them.

It was getting dark but the Japanese Maple showed up anyway!

My Mom's house has a bay window and this is the view from there!

Japanese Maple

This is out the front window also but on the ridge side.

I had a really nice time with Mom.  She gets lonely at night and it was good that she had company even if it was just for a little while!  We watched Christmas Hallmark movies, visited, drank tea, had 2 fires in the fireplace, went out to lunch a few times and had dinner out a few times.  I also got 2 visits in with my friends.  I went out to brunch with one of my friends and then had dinner with another friend.

When I visit back home it still seems odd with my Dad not there.  We always talked about is on going projects he was working on and he would talk about the old days.  There always seems to be a hole in my visit.

My 2 sisters came for visits and I went to lunch with Sue twice and once with Sandy.  I also got to see my 2 brother in laws and my 3 nieces.  So I really back alot into the 5 days that I was there.  The 6th day was the ride home.  I really did miss hubby, my girls and my 2 grandsons but I was really glad I went up.

Here are a few more photos I took while I was at Mom's.
This is the dinner bell in the backyard.

This is the corn sheller my Dad refurbished.

This is some of my Dad's handiwork.  He loved his paths!

This is a real Indian grinding stone.  It was my Nana's and she gave it to my Dad.  There is a pestle that goes with it too!

Old iron wheel in the back yard.

I always loved this little log cabin birdhouse my Mom has on the fence by the garden.

Mom is ready for fires in the fireplace.

This was one of our two cozy fires we had in the fireplace!  Dad built this house 47 years ago and the fireplace he built is still working very well!

Well I hope you all enjoyed my photos of my visit back home!  Enjoy your weekend!