Monday, April 5, 2021

Tomorrow is the Closing on the New House!!!

 Finally 4/6 will be here tomorrow!  I close on the new house in SC at 11:30!  I cannot wait for this to happen.  The movers unloaded all my furniture last Tuesday but I was not allowed to occupy the house until the day of the closing.  I have been staying at Megan and Ken's (thank you to them!).  I feel like a vagabond without a home!  They have been very gracious to let me stay here and we had a really nice Easter also.  Jenny, Kevin and the grandboys came down from their home and we had a wonderful day!  The boys especially loved the Easter Egg Hunt.  

I have to say the view from where I am typing is gorgeous.  Megan and Ken live on a pond with a golf course on the other side.  I have seen herons, alligators, turtles and various birds.  Megan's hummingbird feeder has also been very busy!  It is so quiet and serene here on their back porch.  I will miss the view for sure!  The new house does back up to a golf course also but there isn't a pond behind me.  It is still a very pretty view!

4/8 my contractor is coming to go through the renovations and repairs that need to be done at the new house.  That is going to take some time.  I need to have some flashing on the roof repaired, the kitchen gutted and redone, 2/5 baths gutted and redone and a few minor repairs.  Everything will take a while but as you all know I love projects!!  I am trying to pick out some new colors for the walls to be painted.  I will be repainting the entire house inside.  The carpet will be ripped up upstairs and on the stairs and replaced also.  The carpet is original to the house (1979) and is just plain gross!  I met one of the new neighbors right next door.  He was very nice and said his wife is looking forward to meeting me.  I am really ready for a new, fresh start!  I sure wish John was with me, but I know he is here in spirit and has helped guide me through this entire process!  

Everyone have a wonderful afternoon and follow along for the next few weeks for all my projects and new house items!


P.S. Next time I will have photos of lots of things!