Monday, October 30, 2017

SAFF 2017, Fletcher, NC

Saturday John and I drove up to Fletcher, NC (which is right next door to Asheville).   SAFF 2017 was this weekend.   SAFF stands for Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair.   I had been once before about 7 years ago.   If you knit, weave, spin, needle felt, wool applique, etc. this is the mecca of all shows in the South!!

SAFF 2017 Exhibitor Booths

This was outside, it is like a Yert with a sheepskin roof.   Really cool!!  You could go inside, children that were there loved going in there!!

A woman was weaving on an 8-harness loom.   I love the color of yarn she chose!  I have a 4-harness loom and I haven't used it in years, might have to get it out!

This woman is truly brave!  It was raining, cold and the wind was blowing but that didn't stop her from spinning outside with just a roof over her head.   She was dressed in many wool layers and she was doing a great job of spinning!

 I bought the most beautiful gradient yarn from Miss Babbs (one of my favorite yarn suppliers).  The names of the colors are Muscadine Grapes (the darkest purple), Concord Grapes, Moon Drop Grapes, Pinot Noir Grapes, Sweet Jubilee Grapes and the lightest purple was called Valiant Grapes.   The colors are just gorgeous!!  I can't wait to pick out a shawl pattern for these luscious yarns!!

The John bought me a beautiful shawl pin made out of white birch.   I actually wore it to work today with one of my shawls that someone made for me.   I got lots of compliments.   It was so cold here today, I really needed it!

It was raining but you know what, we didn't care because we had the whole day!  Emma, our Golden Retriever/Lab Mix went to the petsitters to play with all her doggie friends for the day-she had a blast!  I just love to go to these fiber shows and get rejuvenated again with knitting, weaving, etc.  I might even get my drop spindle out this winter!!  I have always wanted to do wool applique, so I stopped by an artists booth and was fascinated with all the different wool fabrics and felts!  So Michele from Raspberry Rabbit, if you read this I will probably be purchasing your British Woodland Creatures kit!!!!  I love this fiber craft!!  What a great way to spend a Saturday!!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Raining = Yarn Day 10.07.17

Today has been rainy, so today was a yarn day.  I bought 2 skeins of yarn for a Portuguese knitting class I'm going to take in 2 weeks at Baskets of Yarn.  I bought Knitted Wit, Ex's Flannel Shirt.  Here is this beautiful, rich cranberry colored yarn.

I had the yarn swift out, so I decided to wind some more yarn.  2 skeins of a beautiful blue yarn.  Just beautiful!

Tomorrow it is suppose to rain even more.   So I will be knitting.  I am working on a shawl called Lilli Pilli.  I also will probably be doing a little reading.  This is a good weekend to just relax and rest!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!