Monday, June 30, 2008

New books I'm reading

I'm going to start reading Twenty Wishes by Debbie Macomber tonight. This is the book I won from Lynne! Can't wait to dive into it!!

I just started listening to the audiobook on the way to work today and I'm really enjoying it! I love the narrators accent too!

Cash and Teddy Romping Around

Teddy and Cash romping around all over the Great Room, the Dining Room, the Kitchen-I'm sure you get the picture by now!! They just love romping and beating each other up, but they do it in such a nice way!!

This is the "Grand Dog, Cash" (a/k/a Teddy's friend and fellow holligan!)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Walk Around my Garden

I was able to click this picture of Teddy on our screened porch. He loves it out there but of course, only if we are there with him! He loves people.

This is my beloved Heliotrope! I love the fragrance from this wonderful plant. It is sheer heaven!!

This is one of my Blue Hydrangeas that are blooming right now. Megan, our oldest daughter and her husband gave this to me 2 Mother's Day ago. I planted it in the ground and it keeps on coming back every year!

Everyone have a great day!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dress I bought for Jenny's Wedding

This is the dress I bought from Talbots for Jenny's Wedding in August. I might even make the nice long necklace the model is wearing. I love turquoise so the color is just perfect! The wedding will be at our home and outside so August in Charlotte is very hot and humid so this dress fits the bill. I'm so glad the reception will be inside!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

The birdhouse my Dad built for my Mom

I thought I would share a picture of the birdhouse that my Dad made for my Mom. Teddy also happened to be standing by it. My Dad has Lupus and this project gave him some therapy when he went back into remission from a bad Lupus attack he had. He also made another one for my Mom's high school friend. The high school friend actually had the plan and asked my Dad to build it for her. He is very proud of this birdhouse and the accomplishment and he should be! Way to go Dad!

The Wedding in NJ

This is a picture of the Sarah and Warren, the newlyweds from the wedding we went to in NJ. Megan, our oldest was in the wedding too. Megan and Sarah have known each other for about 24 years! The wedding was on an island in Stokes State Forest. The island was heartshaped, which was really nice and overlooked a beautiful lake! The reception was held in a building near the island and it looked like a lodge in the West. The hall was a long oblong and at one end there was a stone fireplace (which we didn't need, but it looked beautiful). One each table the bride and groom put a picture of themselves at places they have visited during their courtship. Each table was named for that place instead of having a number. John and I were seated at the Silverton, Colorado table. Sarah had surprised Warren with a trip there and they rode the train, which is a beautiful scenic trip. It was so good to see all our friends and visit with them all. We also saw alot of the kids that our girls went to grammar school and high school with. It was a beautiful day and we will hold this wedding in our hearts and minds for quite some time! Congrats and best wishes to the newlyweds!!

I'm Back from my Trip to NJ

Hi Everyone! I'll catch up more later, but just had to say hi to y'all. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was really fun! My niece's graduation was very nice-we couldn't go because they moved it inside because of the weather but we celebrated with her afterwards. I'll stop by later and give me details!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Currently reading and listening to.

I am currently reading The Water is Wide and I'm listening to The Hot Flash Club audiobook. I am enjoying both of these books alot. I'll let y'all know what the finally vote on these books are!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Getting ready to go to NJ on Friday!

Friday John, Teddy and I are leaving for our trip to northwestern NJ for a wedding. We will be staying at my parents house and visiting a little and going to my friends daughters wedding. We have known Sarah (the bride) since she was 4 yrs. old and she happens to be Megan's (our oldest daughter) best friend. Megan is a bridesmaid in the wedding. Jenny and Kevin will be coming too! My niece, Tawny will be graduating from high school on Friday night so we will try to go to that too! On Saturday we will have brunch with our friends that we used to live across the street from and then at 5 the Wedding. Then we get back in the car around 6 a.m. Sunday morning and head back to Charlotte. I have to get back to work and John has to get back to run the office. I wish we could have left Monday, but that just isn't in the cards. It will be good to see everyone and visit even if it is just a short trip!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Walked around the garden yesterday and found these!

This is a daylily in my back garden that I brought from NJ when I moved here 4 yrs. ago.

These are Coral Bells (Heuchera's) from my garden. I love all the colors!!

I just thought I would share some of my plants from my garden. I have to transplant some things this morning and get my heliotrope in a container near the front door. I bought 3 plants this year and the fragrance should be wonderful when you come through the door. Thought it would be even more wonderful for the wedding in August!!


I know we are mostly women on here, but I thought I should wish all the Father's out there a Happy Father's Day. I hope y'all have a great day!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


My new hairstylist, Ashley was wonderful!! I showed her the pictures and she was so excited about styling my hair that way. She also had this miracle Aveda powder that when I take my hardhat off when I'm out at a project I won't have flat head anymore!! It's just like magic. She has been with Harmony Salon and Spa for 4 yrs. and she was so nice and listened to everything I explained to her. I am so happy!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Let's try again!!

Well today my hair looked the worst it ever has in a long time. I called the salon I had been to before and booked an appt. for Saturday afternoon with a senior hairstylist! I hate to spend the money again, but if I'm not happy with my hair I don't feel good about the way I look at all. I know that sounds silly but that's the way I feel. Everyone keep your fingers crossed on Saturday for me!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Switching Hairstylists that's for sure!

I just wish one hairstylist I've gone to would listen! I went to get my haircut in a "stacked" style last night but my hairstylist refused to cut it that way!!!! She said I would look great in it but she said my hair is finally the length it should be and looks great on me. Well it is hot and my hair gets hot on my neck. In the summer I like to keep it a little shorter (not short, short) but she just wasn't hearing it! I should have just got up out of the chair and told her thanks but no thanks. Now in a few weeks I'll have to pay again to have my haircut by someone else. I hope this person listens and is really good! Thanks for letting me vent!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday walk around the yard

Banana Tree 6-8-08
Ivy on the brick wall on the patio
Red Mandevilla Vine on patio
Huge Wax Begonia on Patio

I was walking around the garden and yard watering by hand some of the container plants and I took these pictures. I am especially proud of the banana tree. I had this banana tree in NJ for 4 years and it did nothing so when I moved here 4 years ago I stuck it in the ground thinking if it makes it that would be great but if it doesn't oh well. Well last year the tree grew up to the second story window, which about 13 feet or more!!! I guess it likes it here in Charlotte! I hope y'all enjoy my plants!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jenny's Bridal Shower was a success!

We all had a wonderful time at Jenny's Bridal Shower. There were only 7 of us but we had a blast! There were only 7 of us because everyone else coming to the wedding lives so far away, so they weren't able to come. We had champagne punch, cucumber sandwiches, deviled eggs, veggie platter with herb dip, shrimp cocktail served in martini glasses and petit fours. She got so really lovely gifts and she loved the beach bag Megan and I had bought with her new monogram on it! We asked everyone to provide something for the beach bag and it was filled to the top! I had alot of fun setting the table and making the flower arrangement with the pears. Jenny and Kevin have used the pear theme for the reception ("we make a pear") so that is why I chose pears and it is also the green they are using in their wedding. Now we are all looking forward to the wedding 8/30/08!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Dad with his brother, my Uncle John

This is a some what grainy picture of my Dad with his brother, John. My Uncle John is on the left and my Dad is on the right. This picture was taken in the 1970's after a long day of working on my parents house. Both Uncle John and my Dad were residential builders. My Uncle John is dying from 3 different kinds of cancer. My parents are driving to Colorado now to see him one more time. I feel so bad for my Dad, this is his second oldest brother and he is so upset right now. Uncle John had been a prisoner of war in Korea and my father really thought he was dead, so when Uncle John was flown home after so long a wait my Dad jumped for joy and couldn't stop looking at his brother. I pray my uncle goes peacefully and God Bless him!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Spent most of the day at working catching up!

I spent all morning trying to get what everyone left me on Friday while I was out. Then of course, the big catch up for what they put on your desk while you were doing the catch up work!! Oh well I managed to get most of my work done for the Friday catch up and today. Quite a few people said, "we really missed you on Friday". That made me feel really good! Hope tomorrow is a little slower day though!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

We are back!!

We had a wonderful time at the Beach! The water was pretty warm, even so I just waded with my friend. The 2 hubbies took the kids in the ocean though. My friend looked great! It was so good to see her and she is doing really well! She wears a wig most of the time-she calls it her rock star wig! We went to a bead store yesterday in Wilmington and I found some really beautiful turquoise and then some silver beads. I vision a bracelet for myself! I also found some other beads that will make a nice necklace for a gift! I'm really glad we went-it was nice to get away and visit with out friends!