Friday, April 22, 2022

Some News 4.22.2022

 Hi Everyone!  I hope it is nice and sunny in your neck of the woods today.  It is about 75 and sunny here in SC.  Birds are out and singing, flowers are blooming, the grass is green again and it is lovely porch sitting weather once again.

I am sharing some news about myself.  I have had B Cell Non Hodgkins Lymhoma for 6 years.  I haven't ever had to have chemo, radiation, etc.  Well about 1.5 months ago my Dr. said things are getting active and now I have to have chemo.  I got a second opinion from my former oncologist in Charlotte.  He said the same things.  So 1.5 weeks ago I had a chemo port put in and I start chemo on Tuesday, the 26th.  I will have to have chemo 2 days a month.  The first day will be 6 hours long and the very next day will be 1 hour long.  I will have my last chemo treatment in October.  While this isn't the best scenario, I am glad that they caught this happening and I can go forward with treatment and be fine.  I also have fluid under my left lung lobe and that has caused me to have some breathing issues.  Like when I go up the stairs especially carrying the laundry basket.  The chemo will take care of this.  

I hope that all of you can say an extra prayer for me while I am on this chemo journey.  My daughters have been wonderful!  Jenny (the youngest daughter who has the grandboys) will be going with me Tuesday and Wednesday.  Megan said she wants to come with me the next month.  I have been given 2 Rx's to start taking tomorrow (Saturday) to counteract the side affects of the 2 chemo drugs.  One is for upset stomach and the other is so I don't get shingles.  The one chemo drug will give you shingles if you have not had a shingles vaccine.  A few months ago I was going to get a shingles vaccine but never did and now I'm sorry I didn't but atleast there is a drug to take care of that.  

I wish I had better news for everyone but I am looking on the bright side the alternative is worse!  Thanks everyone for listening and those of you who will say extra prayers!  I'll keep you posted as I can.  I'll have some days of real fatique and I'll want to just sit and tap away on my blog!