Friday, March 22, 2019

Spring has finally sprung!!

It is windy today and not really warm but the sun is out and that is just perfect for me!!  I got to come home from work early (3:15), so I took a walk around the yard with Emma.  She loved the chance to run around the yard while I tossed her ball to her!  Here are some things I found on my walk:

Our new azalea out front is starting to bloom!  We had to take out another rose that got the rose mites.  I will miss the rose because it was one of my favorites but the azalea will be real pretty too.

Cute little pansies growing in the front garden.

On the way home this redbud tree started blooming.  It is so pretty!
All the pine trees here are in "bloom".  This causes alot of allergies for me.  They are pretty though!

My Chocolate Mint is waking up :)!!

This is our Carolina Jasmine out front climbing up our front porch and steps railing.  We planted it out back but not enough sun.  The front of the house has so much sun and I guess it really likes it better her.
Spearmint is waking up too!

It's hard to see but this is my Tree Peony.  It has 7 buds on it this year!!!
This little bunny is tucked in amongst some spring flowers and beautiful green moss ready for Easter!

Another view of my bunny.
I hope with the warmer weather and sunshine, there will be even more flowers coming out and other plants popping up!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!