Saturday, February 18, 2023

Some of Our Adventures over the last few weeks

 Hi Everyone!  I am behind on posting some of the adventures Scott and I have gone on over the last few weeks.  A few weeks ago we went back down to Swan Lake in Sumter, SC.  It is about 40 minutes from my house.  We had a wonderful time and the swans were building nests and one black swan was sitting on a nest!  

Black Swan sitting on nest.

This is a black necked swan.  I had never seen one like this.  So pretty!

Two weeks ago and then last week we went up to Scott's property.  He has 89 acres up near the NC/VA border.  We both love it up there, it is just so pretty.  The area is so beautiful and you can see Pilot Mountain on the way up-it is so impressive.  Next time I will have to see if I can take a picture while Scott is driving.  

A brook runs through the property.  It sounds wonderful!

These daffodils are blooming near an old cabin foundation on the property.

We took a walk down to another brook on the property.  There was a spring fed little pond.  We didn't realize it was heart shaped until we looked at the photos later!

The locals said this is an Indian mound.  We aren't sure of this.  There are 4 of them on the property.

Old cabin foundation.

This is a path that has been cut on the property (one of many).  It was such a gorgeous day!

Lots of rocks, lichen and moss.

Scott found this turtle shell by the brook.  So cool!

This part of the woods up there has alot of ground pine.  It looks like a green blanket.

On another note, the weather here had been warm (in the high 70's).  It got alot of the flowers waking up around here.

Inside of the saucer magnolia in my yard.

Pansy in the container on my front porch.

Beautiful camellia at Swan Lake, Sumter, SC.

Saucer Magnolia in my backyard.

Well that is probably enough for today.  I have to get back to packing.  Next Sunday, the 26th is my move date into the apartment.  Everyone have a lovely weekend!


Monday, February 13, 2023

Valentine's Day

 Hi Everyone!  Today I will be making a chocolate pudding pie and Linzer cookies (heart-shaped of course) to take up to Scott's tomorrow.  I will be at Scott's until Thursday morning.  I haven't seen him in almost 2 weeks and it feels like 2 months!  He was away this weekend with his best friend, Troy, Scott's son, Ben and Troy's niece's husband.  They went up to Harrisburg, PA to an Outdoor Show.  He set up a fishing trip in July with his Dad.  I kept busy for sure!  I power washed the deck, 3 birdbaths, 1 fountain, the front porch and the front walk.  I don't mind doing that but it is sure a messy job.  My sneakers are in the washer as I type LOL!!  Everything looks so much better though.  I move to the apartment on the 26th, so when I get back on Thursday, I really need to shift into high gear with the packing.  I think the U-Haul dates are wrong according to the Confirmation, so I need to call them today and get that straightened out.  Never a dull moment!

Here is a picture of the Linzer cookies I'm going to make (hope they turn out!):

(Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

I've only made these cookies once and that was a long time ago.  

Well I'm off to start the bake-a-thon LOL!!  I hope everyone has a lovely day!