Monday, February 26, 2024

Spring is On Its Way!!

Hi Everyone!   I am pleased to announce Spring is on its way for sure in the little town of Rockwell!  The daffodils are blooming, the Star and Saucer Magnolias are blooming and the weather is getting warmer. It was 71 degrees here today!   I also hear the birds chirping loudly in the morning when I let Riley out.  They sound wonderful!

I have been spending alot of time going to the Park with Riley.  Usually walking 2 miles.  It is good for him and good for me!  I noticed the other morning when I took him out that he is morphing more into an adult dog now and not so puppy looking.  Here you can see for yourself:

Riley 1.25.2024-5 months old.

He acts like a gentleman most of the time at the park now when he passes people, but sometimes he just can't help himself.  Especially if someone says he's cute or wants to pet him.  I had trouble getting him back in the car to come home today!  He weighs a little over 50 lbs. now, so that was no easy fete.

I went out into the backyard today and guess what was blooming!  Tiny little purple violets-2 clumps of them and I see more getting ready to bloom.  Here is a photo (photo not that great because Riley started jumping around):

The moon has been so beautiful the last few nights.  Last night I turned my outside light off and got some really beautiful photos.  Here is one:

Last Friday I decided I had neglected my orchids long enough.  I took all of them out of their pots, cleaned up their roots, rinsed them off, sprayed their roots with hydrogen peroxide and then planted them in new soil.  I had to repot one because it got so large and one had a baby with it's own root system in it.  They are doing so much better now.  I also repotted a Christmas Cactus that needed refreshing.

Repotted Christmas Cactus.

Repotted orchids.

With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, I decided the house needed a little green.  I can also keep these things out for Easter too.

Just a little green and grape hyacinth.  It isn't real but it looks it.  I've had it for years, I think about 25 years.  I bought it at Pottery Barn.

A little green on my Dining Room table.

The little statues of the Irish couple is from Ireland.  My friend, Jean brought them back for me on one of her many trips about 30 years ago.  I also knitted the table runner.  I thought it would look good on this little side table.  It is actually a small piecrust edged drop leaf table.  I use it as a little table beside my Pumpkin Pine Stepback Cupboard.

I have been knitting alot too (when it was so cold to go out).  I'm working on the Heidi and Lana Drift Cowl.  I just started yesterday Heidi and Lana Lucky Coasters for St. Patrick's Day.  I don't have enough knitted though to show you yet.  I will when I have one done.  Here is what I've done with the Drift Cowl:

Drift Cowl in progress.

Well I hope everyone is getting some warmer weather or a hint of Spring also.  Everyone have a lovely day!


Thursday, February 1, 2024

Planning my Stained Glass Window and Riley

I hope this post finds you all doing well. I hope it is as sunny at your place today as it is here in Rockwell! Finally the sun has made an appearance!  We have had alot of rain and gray, cloudy days lately.  It is so nice to have some sunshine.

Well I have finally measured and set down to draw my pattern for the stained glass window I'm making for my front door.  Here is what I have so far:

Start of the stained glass pattern.

I am sketching morning glories fully opened, buds and I will be drawing a partially open one or another fully opened one.  There will be leaves (I've already included some) in different color greens.  I am trying to decided whether I used glue chip (Frosted Glass) or antique seed glass.  I cannot wait until I finish this and install it!  Should be a beauty with the light streaming in!

The adventures of Riley!  I took Riley twice to the Granite Quarry Park.  He had a blast and we walked 2 miles!  Needless to say, he was one tired pup when we were done.  We came home both times and he slept for 2-3 hours.  It is good for him (and me) to get this kind of exercise.  Here are some photos:

Riley at the Park watched the Canadian Geese and Ducks.  He was also resting from the 2 mile hike.

On the wooded part of the path, a brook runs down the middle and this little waterfall was so pretty.

One of the resident ducks at the Park.

Beautiful pond and fountain at the Park.

Geese at the pond.

Trail through the wooded park of our walk in the Granite Quarry Park.

Pond at the Park.

Riley all tuckered out after his 2 mile jaunt around the Park.

I was also able to get the Guest Room bed all together.  I ordered a mattress in a box from Amazon, thinking that would be high enough.  Well I was wrong.  I ordered a box spring in a box and put it together.  It didn't take 5 minutes that's all I'm saying LOL!!  I got it all together with clean sheets and bedding.  I think this room will be cozy for my guests.

Guest Room

I need to get painting some pictures to hang in here.  I need to decorate a bit more in here also.  

When the moon was full last week, I took a few photos:

Full Moon from the backyard.

Behind Main Street there is a water tower here in Rockwell.  It was super dark when I took this photo during the full moon.  My flash on my phone made it bright.  I also think it looked like an old photo.  I love it!

This was the water tower at sunset.

I have been knitting, reading, listening to audiobooks and watching Heartland on TV.  I never watched it before and my sister, Sue kept saying you need to watch it, you need to watch it.  I love it!!  Right up my alley-HORSES!!  I have ridden since I was a child and I have loved horses I swear since the day I was born!  This show just makes me love them even more.  Now I know they are alot of work and expense but I always felt they were worth it.  I have many fond memories of my horses:  Mohawk, Duke, Melody, Teddy, Oberek and Dan.  Those horses got me through some times in my life and I am forever thankful to them!

Well off to the stained glass table!  Everyone have a lovely afternoon and evening!