Friday, October 7, 2022

Gardentime 10.7.2022

 Hi Everyone!  Well we made it to Friday!  It is a beautiful day here and I'm headed outside after this post to sit on the screened in porch to knit and read!

Even though it is October and most of my garden is done blooming, there are a few stragglers.  My roses, especially the My First Love rose, is doing so wonderful!  Here are some photos:

I cut these 2 My First Love roses about 4 days ago.  They really last a very long time.  Sometimes I have them for two weeks in a vase!

This is Oh Happy Day.  It looks like it is doing really well in the sunshine.

Another shot of the My First Love roses.

Normally my Jackmanii clematis only blooms in the Spring.  This year it just has kept blooming from the Spring and is still going strong! The spots on the blossom is just water drops.  

My dahlias seem to be liking the cooler weather.  They are still blooming also.

This little baby tree frog and his sibling were on the railing on my front porch the other night.  He is only about 1/2" long.  So teeny tiny there were but cute in a froggy sort of way!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!  I am still recooperating from my sinus infection and cough, so it will be a resting weekend for me!


Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

 Hello Everyone!  Well today I woke up with a sinus infection.  I thought my cold had been doing better but I looked in the mirror and noticed the left side of my face where my sinus' are was swollen.  I also have had some pain there since yesterday.  I have a 2:15 virtual appt. with my Dr. today.  I also heard from the Ford Dealership this morning.  My car has been there since last Thursday.  I mouse or mice built a big old nest on the engine of the car and then they proceded to chew through the ABS wires.  Of course, that is not under warranty so they told me it is going to be about $400.00.  Now I'll have to go and get some traps, can't have this happening again!  The Dealership just called and said my car is ready to be picked up-Hallelujah!!  I've had my neighbors truck but I miss my car.  Never a dull moment here at my house!

Saturday I purchased a coaster pattern from  They are so cute!  I went thru my yarn stash and found similar colors so I could start one.  Here is the photo Heidi and Lana posted on their site:

Photo credit:  Heidi and Lana

My backyard backs up to a golf course and then there is a field.  They usually plant soybeans in this field but this year they planted cotton.  The cotton is popping now.  I can't wait until it looks like a field of snow!  Here is what it looks like now:

My grandson, Jack is 9 years old and he is playing football this year.  The other day he got the rest of his football outfit.  They lost their first game, but Jack played the entire time.  He is a linebacker.  He looks so cute in his gear!

The other night I was letting the dogs out for the last time of the night.  I happened to look up and the moon was just so beautiful!  We have been having really beautiful sunsets and now this moon.

There were clouds around the moon but you could still see it.  So beautiful!

Well I'm off to read my bookclub book (We Were Never Here by Andrea Bartz).  Bookclub is next Tuesday, the 11th so I better get reading the rest of it!

Everyone have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Some Halloween DIY's I have done over the past week!

 I never really decorate alot for Halloween, mostly just Fall decorating goes on here.  This year I saw where someone on IG took the plastic pumpkins the kids used to carry around to hold their candy while Trick or Treating and they turned them into vase holders or candle holders.  The IG account was @caligirlinasouthernworld.  If you haven't checked her out I would, she has fabulous recipes, DIY's and the cutest animals!  Here is what I created:

So you take the handles on a plastic pumpkin bucket and snap them off.  Then I took an Exacto knife and cut out the eyes, nose and mouth.

Then I sprayed the inside and outside of the pumpkins with a Rustoleum Metallic paint.  I think this was called glittery gold or something like that.  I thought they would even look cute in black!  Then on Halloween, I will put a battery-operated candle down inside and it will be a pumpkin lantern.  I'm going to put mine at the end of my front walk.  Quick and easy!

My second DIY was I took a metallic pumpkin that was available through Target.  Sometimes they are sold out but then it is back in stock again.  You just have to keep on checking.  

I put my diffuser inside the pumpkin.  I also turned the color of the diffuser to orange.  I love the way this one turned out too!  This idea was from Karlee on IG.  She goes by: @karleegailbowman.  She has alot of great ideas also.  Check her out!

That's probably the only Halloween DIY's I'll be posting this year.  Like I said I usually decorate for Fall more than Halloween.  Tomorrow I'll post what I did for my Fall decorating this year.


Hurricane Ian in Lake City, SC

 Well luckily Hurricane Ian didn’t happen when Angie and I were in Charleston! I want to say my heart goes out to everyone that was affected by this Hurricane. The people of Florida were so hard hit and I pray they can rebuild and get back on their feet as soon as possible. I had some yard flooding and some down pine branches and boughs. It took me about 3 to 3 1/2 hours to clean up my yard. I am so glad my daughter, Megan who lives in Georgetown, SC didn’t have any water damage to her house. The pond that is on the golf course behind her house did flood her back and side yard. It came all the way up to the steps to her deck. They had lowered the pond on the golf course thank goodness or it would have been in her home! Here are some photos of my yard.

My House and front yard.

My front yard was like a pond.  The water eventually came over the driveway but then the rain stopped and no more water came near the house.

My backyard near my veggie and dahlia gardens.

View from the driveway to the backyard.

The fenced in area for the dogs was all flooded.

I had a large pine tree limb and tons of medium and small pine boughs all over the side yard.

I am just so glad there wasn't anymore fall out from Hurricane Ian than what I had.  I feel for the people of Florida.  I pray for them everyday!


Privateer Talk-Camden, SC

 The day after I got back from Charleston, I went to Camden, SC for a Privateer (Pirate) Talk with Jenny and the grandboys. The speaker was very knowledgeable and very entertaining. If you have never been and live in the area or are passing through Camden, you should stop at the Revolutionary War Museum. Here are some photos of our visit.

Owen (left) and Jack (right) at the Camden Revolutionary War Museum 9.29.22

Brick Kiln

Jenny, Owen, General DeKalb and Jack

Owen (left) and Jack (right) playing Soldiers

Beautiful Butterfly Mural - Camden, SC

Owen makes a beautiful butterfly!

This is a wonderful place to visit.  There are a few other buildings at the Revolutionary War Museum.  They frequently have talks on all sorts of things that happened during the Revolutionary War.


My Trip to Charleston

 My friend, Angie and I decided to plan a trip to Charleston. We hadn’t seen each other in 7 years. She lives in Minnesota with her husband and 2 step children. We both really needed to get away! We made reservations at The Mill House (we had stayed here 7 years ago on her last visit). I was sorry to say our accomodations were not what they were 7 years ago since Wydham Hotel has take over, but that is a story for another day. We did all the things we love while there. We walked all over the city, took a carriage ride tour, ate at Poogan’s Porch, The Oyster House and Husk. Husk was our favorite of all of them! The food and service was superb! We had wonderful breakfasts at Toast All Day also. The biscuits are the biggest biscuits I’ve ever seen. The omelets were fantastic!! We just love flowers, gardens, courtyards, old building, old homes and all the architecture Charleston has to offer! Here are some photos I took while wandering around this beautiful, old city.  (There are alot of photos!)

Angie (on left)  and I (on right)

The flower boxes in Charleston are just gorgeous!

I love this color!

Charleston Place Hotel

All the courtyard are so beautiful!

Cream Homes with this Blue remind me of France.

Charleston Market House

Watching sailboats from Waterfront Park.

St. Phillips Church

Pineapple Fountain at Waterfront Park.

Husk Restaurant on Queen Street

Husk Restaurant at Night

Artisan Cheese Plate

Ribeye Steak and Fingerling Potatoes

Oyster House

Angie waiting for her oysters!  She loves them!

Our hotel-The Mill House

The Mill House from the side.

Beautiful Crystal Chandelier by the elevators in our hotel.

Gorgeous Crystal Chandelier in the Lobby Entrance.

Well I hope you enjoyed coming along on my trip to Charleston.  We were there the week before Hurricane Ian.  Unfortunately Charleston had alot of flooding from the Hurricane.  I'm glad we could enjoy it again!