Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Lots of Things Going on Over the Past Few Months

Hello my friends,

I have to say I'm sorry I haven't posted in some time.  I love posting on my blog but lately or I should say over the past few months things have been really busy.  I am going to really work on posting more often.

I have been knitting, painting, reading, gardening, playing with the grandboys and just plain working!  There seems to be a rash of babies being born in either my family or people I know.  I started one for a former co-worker.  The pattern was beautiful but just wasn't working out, so I frogged the whole thing.  I moved on to a baby blanket for my boss.  Love this pattern and it is coming out beautifully.  I am almost done with this one.  The baby was born about 2 weeks ago, so it is a good thing I'm almost done with it.  Then I will go into high knitting mode again for another baby blanket.  My niece, Tawny is due on October 31st.  She is having a little girl.  I need to have the blanket done for her baby shower in the beginning of September!  I better get a move on!  Then my other niece, Devyn is due in January.  We are going to NJ this year for Thanksgiving, so I will be bringing it to her then.  I also have a friend, whose daughter is expecting in September beginning of October.  I really don't know if I can squeeze that blanket in. 

I have been painting alot also.  I started painting watercolors (which I have never done) in the beginning of the year.  I have been having so much fun creating painting and giving paintings.  I have even sold a few paintings!  I found Let's Make Art on FB and subscribed to it and I love it!!  Sarah Cray the owner of Let's Make Art is wonderful and talented.  I love her weekly tutorials!  Some of the weekly paintings have been a challenge but she always encourages everyone to try it because it's only paint and paper.  This is such a simple statement but oh so true! 

My gardens are still going strong even though the heat of the summer and some of our plants are near the end of their growing season.  This year our gladiolus were spectacular!!  John planted these glads about 2 years ago (he loves them and I didn't have time to put them in the ground, so he did).  The bloomed and bloomed and really added beautiful color to the gardens.  We had so much rain this spring, I really think that helped alot.  Jack and I planted our usual potatoes.  I love to see his little face when we dig them up out of the huge pot we planted them in.  He is 6 years old now and we have been doing this since he was 2!  We also plant moon vines but this year he seems to have lost interested in that adventure.  When we dig the potatoes up, I will post photos.  I love doing things like this with the grandchildren.  Mainly because I want them to remember fun things we do together but also because it is something special we can do together and hopefully they will remember and maybe pass this tradition on to their children or grandchildren.  Owen and I planted a Mr Lincoln rose.  Owen loves Abraham Lincoln, so I remembered I used to have a Mr. Lincoln rose.  Sure enough they had 1 left at the garden center and I snatched it up.  John dug the hole and Owen jumped right in to help plant it.  When he comes over he talks to it and says it needs to be strong like Abraham Lincoln was.  The mind of an 8 year old, so awesome!!

I had my 9 month oncology appoint last week and everything is the same.  My oncologist said my blookwork was really great this time.  I hope it stays that way!!  I did have a scare though in June.  I had a lump by my jaw.  I was so afraid one of my lymph nodes was acting up which would mean the Lymphoma was starting to act up.  I went to the Dr. and they said it was an infected salivary gland.  It was painful, but with strong antibiotics it cleared up for the most part. 

Well know you all know why I haven't been on here until now.  It has been a very, very busy first half of the year.  I'm hoping the second half slows down a bit!  2 weeks from now our entire family is going to Tybee Island, GA to celebrate John and my 40th wedding anniversary!!  Should be a great time and a good way to slow down.

Everyone have a wonderful day!!