Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton

I just started listening to this book. It seems like this is going to be a good summer read (or in my case summer listen). Here is a review from Booklist on When I'm done with the book I'll post my review.

"Set during the summer of 1968 in Palo Alto, California, Clayton’s novel chronicles the lives of five women who conduct a weekly writing group at their neighborhood park. Frankie is an unassuming midwesterner whose inventor husband brings them to the burgeoning Silicon Valley. She meets Linda, the all-American athlete; Kath, the southern belle; Brett, the enigmatic scientist; and Ally, the shy bohemian. The women share their feelings about marriage and motherhood and together mourn the assassination of Robert Kennedy and watch as man walks on the moon and feminists protest the Miss America pageant. They support one another through illness, infertility, racism, and infidelity—and encourage each other through publishers’ rejections. Readers will be swept up by this moving novel about female friendship and enthralled by the recounting of a pivotal year in American history as seen through these young women’s eyes."

Matthews, NC Farmer's Market

John and I got up our usual, early time because we had decided we were going to the Matthew's Farmer's Market. We got some wonderful things there and I ran into one of my knitting group friends! John knows her from the title industry so they caught up too. You have to get to the Farmer's Market pretty early or everything is gone. The bell rings at 7:15 to start the market and everyone is off to gather all their veggies, cheese, organic meat, eggs, herbs, flowers, soaps, breads and baked good, etc. for the week. Here is what I got today:

Some yummy looking yellow summer squash. I love this steamed with just a hint of butter and pepper! I'm having this tonight!

A lovely loaf of homemade pumpernickel bread made by a local baker.

Fingerling Potatoes-love them.

Cucumbers for cucumber salad tonight-yum!

I love these tomatoes-they are a fabulous heirloom tomato. Can't wait to have a tomato sandwich with them on it-yummy! They are called Cherokee Purple.

John and I have been talking about eating more organically grown meat. So we bought a slab of organically grown pork bacon from a local farm. We took their price list from them too so we can buy more things from them.

Some baby zucchini.

After the Farmer's Market John and I went to a little place near there for breakfast. We came on home and worked on the flowers in the courtyard. Now we will putter around the house, read and I might create some more jewelry. Last night I added some more things to my etsy site. Take a look! I added 2 more pairs of earrings and 2 hand knitted dishcloths I made out of 100% cotton.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Oh no snip, snip!!!!

Last night after work I had a hair appointment. I was suppose to have a haircut and highlight. I should back up a little. I got a call about 4 days ago that said my hairdresser was no longer at the salon I was going to and they could reschedule my appointment with someone else. I was a little hesitant, but thought I would give another hairstylist a try. Well that was the wrong decision on my part!! I got to the appointment 10 minutes early (5:50 p.m.) and I didn't leave the salon until 9:15 p.m.!! Now my hair isn't that long, just medium length so it shouldn't have taken that long. The worst part of it was I was minus 3" of hair!!!! After much mixing of highlight and lowlight color and about 50-60 foils later and chop, chop of the hair I walked out of the salon with 3" of hair less and my purse was $105.00 lighter! While I was paying and trying to keep my composure the floor manager told the hairstylist I had they wanted to see her and he let almost everyone else leave. Not a good sign! Maybe that hairstylist will have the same luck as my last hairstylist that was let go! On the hunt for a new stylist again!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review of Smash Cut by Sandra Brown

Here is what Publishers Weekly Starred Review had to say about Smash Cut. This superlative romantic thriller from bestseller Brown (Smoke Screen) features a particularly memorable villain, sociopath Creighton Wheeler, who's obsessed with re-enacting scenes from films like Strangers on a Train and Frenzy. When Creighton's wealthy uncle, Paul Wheeler, is shot dead in an apparent robbery at an Atlanta hotel, Paul's close friend, gallery owner Julie Rutledge, attempts to persuade the police that Creighton ordered the hit. Creighton's father asks Derek Mitchell, a criminal lawyer, to represent the accused Creighton, but Derek declines because he had a plane tryst en route to Paris with Julie after Paul's murder. Angered by Derek's refusal, Creighton stalks Julie; targets Derek's dog, Maggie; and plots to kill the ex-girlfriend of his henchman, Billy Duke, after Billy has second thoughts about helping Creighton. Brown skillfully charts Julie and Derek's quest to catch the slippery fiend. Multiple smash cuts (abrupt scene shifts) lead to a wonderfully frenzied finish.

My opinion:

I thought this was a good whodunnit. There was certainly alot of action in this book. Sometime the gruesome details of the murders was a little bit much a times. Aside from that I liked the book. Creighton Wheeler certainly was a villian you did not like. He was a very vile human being. Sometimes the character of Julie Rutledge was a naive, but for the most part believable. This was a good summer read for me! Sandra Brown does it again!


I needed a break from what I was doing at work so I decided to check my home e-mails. Well had this little cutie on one of their main news stories! Isn't she the cutest little thing you ever did see!!! I want one. Enjoy the picture of the little 4-day old Zedonk. Yes, it is a cross between a zebra and a donkey. So cute!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer is flying by!

Summer is flying by and I've taken a few moments to think about some of the summer things I love. Here are a few of them:

Blue and White decorating

Sitting on the porch.

Going to the Beach!

Wearing shell jewelry.

Wearing flip flops.

Eating watermelon.

Making Sandcastles at the beach! Isn't this a beauty!

Having a picnic at the beach!

Eating yummy crab.

Or some corn on the cob.

Collecting shells to take home so you can remember your trip to the beach.

There are so many wonderful things you can do during the summer. Summer might be flying by but atleast we have a few months left of it! Enjoy it while you can!

A few new items added to my site

I have added 2 more pairs of earrings and a really special necklace to my etsy site this morning. I love the necklace especially. I haven't made any necklaces like this one and I think I'm going to make a few more because I loved making them. This necklace has been named the waterfall necklace, because the green agate oval stones look like water in a pool in the mountains that cascades to form waterfalls. I mixed in some moss agate stones, coin pearls, regular pearls and some green opals round beads. Check it out:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The great birthday cake Jenny made for me!

Yesterday as you all know from my previous post was my birthday. Jenny, my youngest daughter was spending the day with me today! She arrived at 10 a.m. just like she said she would and she presented me with this really cute knitting birthday cake she made for me!! Love you Jen-what a wonderful job you did-I love it!!

We had alot of fun today. We stayed in Charlotte but did we get around. We first went to a store uptown called The Beadlush (great name!). We then proceeded to a bead store called On a String. After we left there we drove just down the road a little bit and we met John for lunch at a place called Fenwick's on Providence Road. John headed on home after lunch to do his thing. Jenny and I continued on our merry way! We went to an antique mall called the Sleepy Poet! What a wonderful place!! So many antiques and vintage style items. We were half way through there when Megan (my oldest daughter) sent us an e-mail that at 3:00 we were suppose to meet her for pedicures! We raced to the other side of Charlotte and went into Union County to the town where Megan lives, which is Indian Trail. The pedicure was heaven-thanks Megan for such a wonderful gift. I had my toenails painted with OPI's Your Villa or Mine! It is a really pretty pearlescent coral color-wonderful for summer! Then Jenny and I left the spa, said goodbye to Megan and drove to my house. I made Jenny 2 pairs or earrings and a bracelet before she had to leave and go home. We had a spectacular day!! Here's 2 pictures of Jenny before we left on our wonderful day!

I love birthdays!! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Today is my 51st birthday! I have heard from so many people already today and it is only 8:45 a.m.!! My parents called last night because they knew I would be going out tonight! John is taking me for a lobster dinner which includes of course, the lobster, steamed red new potatoes, corn on the cob and drawn butter! He says he is buying me a cake too! I told him after the lobster dinner I didn't need cake, but he said everyone should have a birthday cake. He is such a sweetie! The girls will be pampering me tomorrow. Jenny and I start out by going to 2 bead shops in Charlotte, then lunch (the guys will be having lunch with us too), the knitting store I go to, and then at 3:00 we are meeting up with Megan and having manis and pedis! Perfect way to end the day-our feet will be tired and we'll need that pedi!

Last night's dinner at DelFrisco's with my Mystery Bookclub friends was wonderful! The meal was just awesome and the service was impeccable! I had the house salad, filet mignon, garlic smashed potatoes and strawberry cheesecake for dessert. I was so full but it was soooooo gooooood!! The company was great too!

Everyone have a wonderful day and weekend!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tonight should be fun!

3 of my mystery book club friends and I are going to DelFrisco's Restaurant here in Charlotte. It is Charlotte Restaurant Week. That means for $30.00 you get an appetizer, meal and dessert (beverages are extra). People usually love restaurant week because you can go to all the restaurants that are so expensive normally for $30.00. The steaks and lobster are to die for I hear-can't wait to sample the steak myself! This should be a really fun time!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Victorian Tea

I am a huge tea drinker (not so much lately with all the hot weather we have been having!). I love victorian or vintage tea pots, strainers, silver spoons, plates, tea cups, tea cozies and just about anything tea related. Sometimes our lives are so hectic it would just be nice if we could take more time to enjoy the lovely pass time of "taking tea". Vanilla tea is an all time favorite of mine. When I lived in northwestern NJ there used to be a shop that sold loose tea (along with other lovely things) and they had a vanilla tea from a supplier in Maine that I just loved! There is a tea shop in Fredon, NJ called The Tea Hive and they have a lovely assortment of teas also. There is one that is a spice tea and it is so good, I brought some home to NC with me the last time I went there. Not only is tea a wonderful thing but you have all the goodies that go along with it like scones, tea sandwiches, little petit fours, etc. So the next time you need to de-stress, relax just pour yourself some tea and enjoy!

Isn't this a beautiful tea set!

These are cream scones-I'll take one of those!

Here is a Victorian Silver tea strainer. I have 2 strainers, one is similar in style to this one (I received this in a swap from my dear swap partner, Angie at Just Simply Live-thanks again Angie!!)and the other I bought in New England in an antique shop. Just wonderful items!

I love the handle on this silver teapot-such beautiful art!

This little tea cup has a tussie mussie in it-how cute is that!

I love linens and tea linens are gorgeous! I've collected some real beauties over the years. I love my tea cozy I bought when I was in Ireland, it is linen with a toile scene on it.

What would a tea party be without a beautiful tea party hat! Isn't this a beauty!

Take time to enjoy life-I think I'll go an make my favorite cup of tea right now!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mourning Doves and a Little Iron Twin Bed

For the last few days we have had two pairs of mourning doves walking down our garage roof, hopping onto the gutter on the garage and swooping into the courtyard bird feeder. We never really saw them here until the other day. They are such graceful birds and they always seem so polite! Here are some pictures of them making the garage roof decent:

Yesterday I told you John and I moved the lateral filing cabinet out of the second floor guest bedroom (which was formerly his office) and down to the garage it went. We then brought up the iron twin bed we had in the garage up to the guest room and set that up. Well I left out that this was Megan (our oldest daughters) bed for most of her little girl life. I bought it at an antique store for $25.00. I brought it home gave it a coat of white paint and then stenciled the headboard and footboard with the stencil I used in her room. Just having it back in the house reminds me of when she was little. Megan is now 29 and all grown up but she will remain a little girl sometimes in our mind, especially when we look at her little girl bed!

Here is the iron twin bed we put in the Guest Room.

Stenciling on the headboard.

Stenciling on the Footboard

I put this country pine nightstand up against the wall at the head of the bed. I'm not done decorating the nightstand but I thought I would include it anyway for now.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Adventures and a Wonderful Dinner!

Hi Everyone! John and I were busy all day-whew am I tired! First we ran errands after breakfast. Then we came home and moved a really heavy lateral filing cabinet down to the garage from the second floor. That was no small fete! Then we brought up the iron twin bed, mattress and boxspring that was stored in the garage. We put it together. I cleaned up my stained glass table, glass, equipment, etc. That wasn't easy either! I cleaned up and reorganized my jewelry creating table. Moved some chairs around upstairs. Then I went downstairs and marinated some beef cubes so I could make kebabs! They were marvelous!! I mixed yellow squash, zucchini, red and green peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes with the beef cubes. I also steamed corn on the cob, which was just the best yet this summer! I love butter and sugar corn, it is my favorite. We also had some crusty bread from Trader Joes (that was were we got the corn too). It was all right, not much flavor. Now that is my perfect summer dinner! Here are some pictures of the kebabs, corn and while the kebabs were cooking on the grill I snapped some pictures of things growing in my garden in the courtyard. Everyone have a fantastic weekend!

Here are the beef kebabs cooking on the grill! They were so good and I have 4 more left for tomorrow too! Yummy!

This is butter and sugar corn, which my all time favorite corn on the cob! We bought this fresh this a.m. at Trader Joe's.

Here is the crusty bread we bought at Trader Joe's. It was good but not outstanding! Not much flavor.

Snapdragons always make me smile! These cheerful little plants are just so cute by my back door.

One of my all time favorite plants is Heliotrope! The scent they give off is heavenly. I have two pots of this lovely plant and I wish I had room for more!

More of my fav plant!

I couldn't resist taking this picture of the hosta blossom. I have another hosta getting ready to bloom too. These hostas this year have gorgeous, slightly scented blossoms. Just so graceful and beautiful.

This year I got a deep, rich red hanging geranium plant. I had John put up a hanger on the fence in the courtyard. The red coloring of the blossoms have attracted my little hummingbird friends.

Our one neighbor has trumpet vine growing up on his side of the fence. It started to bloom a week or so ago, but none were blooming on our side of the fence. Today one is in full bloom. Doesn't it look pretty!

Here are some trumpet vine buds that slipped through the fence. I thought this would be a good picture.

Hope you enjoyed all the pics and everyone have a wonderful weeekend! Enjoy!