Monday, March 27, 2017

Finally Over all the Illness and Finally Some Good News!!

I am pretty much over all my illness, except a lingering cough.  That will be with me a little while.  Well I have a story to tell you!!  Along with being so sick, I got a call to interview for a pretty large company here in Charlotte!  The first interview was when I first got all my illnesses, but I plowed thru it the best I could, especially with laryngitis.  Then I was asked the next week to come back for a second interview.  The first interview I met with 3 people.  The second interview I met with 2 people.  Last week I got a call and was asked if I could meet an HR person and the other person I would be working with for lunch.  So I met with them for lunch last Wednesday and Thursday morning they called and I got the job!!  I start 4/3!  I will be a Contract Administrator for Northwood Ravin.  This company is huge in Charlotte and all around the US.  They are a multi-family construction company.  They are also the Developer/Owner and they retain their properties after they are built and rent the apartments out.  This is huge for me because it is a $20,000/yr. raise!! This is the first time in my whole career I have been recognized for my skill and paid for it well!

Everything else in my life has been going good.  I got to see the grandboys both Saturday and Sunday, so that was double the fun!!  We went on Saturday and saw Beauty and the Beast.  We all enjoyed it.  Then we went to Moe's Southwest Grill for lunch.  Sunday John and I had lunch at Megan and Ken's.  It was a really nice visit!  Then for dinner last night we all met at Bisonte's and had pizza and wings.  We had a really nice time!!

So now all the new job buying starts!  I already got my hair colored and cut and bought some new makeup.  I need to get some new clothes and definitely on this list is shoes!!  It always amazes me how your life can change in such a short period of time!!  This time for the good!

Everyone have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cold, Cold and More Cold!!

Well I have just about had enough of this cold weather!!  I have been sick with sinus/ear infections, laryngitis and pink eye for almost 2 weeks!  I am feeling much better now thank goodness.  The cold weather doesn't help!  My Mom told me the other day it was only 2 degrees warmer in NJ than it was here.  I guess we can be thankful we don't have all the snow the North has had over the last few days!  My Mom and sisters got about 19 inches of snow with ice underneath it.  Glad I don't have to deal with that.

I finished listening to The Collector by Nora Roberts.  It was very good!  I had stopped reading Nora Roberts because everything was becoming so predictable.  Lately her books have been really good!  I started listening to These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly.  I read all her other books:  The Tea Rose, The Winter Rose, The Wild Rose and Northern Lights.  She is such a wonderful author!  I love everything she has written!

I haven't seen my grandsons in 2 weeks and I really miss them!  Saturday I will be spending some time with them.  Jenny said they keep asking when can they come see John and I.  She said they have been driving her crazy with questions about why they haven't been seeing us.  Owen found out I had pink eye.  He said he was going to go to school and tell his teacher, "my Nana has a pinky eye!!  LOL, he is so funny!

Well other than trying to get well, drinking tons of water and hot tea mostly I have been reading, resting and trying to stay warm!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and you stay nice and toasty warm!!