Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Decorations 2015 and Puppy Joy!

I haven't been on here in a while, life just gets in the way I'm sorry to say.  We also have a new puppy we rescued named Joy.  Very appropriate I think for this time of year.  We rescued Joy from South Charlotte Dog Rescue.  She was in a high kill shelter and SCDR rescued her and we rescued her from them.  She is a black Lab mix.  They say she is mixed with Great Pyrenees, not really seeing that.  More black lab I think. She is a cutie!!

John and I decorated the house inside and out the day after Thanksgiving and the Saturday after.  The only thing left is the Christmas tree.  We have a live tree and so we are not going to put it up yet. 

Here are a few decorations:

Christmas Angel

Snowmen in the wooden bowl my Dad made.

Candle in my office at home.

Angel I made in 1991 on linen.

Christmas decorations on end table in Living Room,

Our Fireplace in the Living Room.

The Christmas runner I wove on my loom.

Our Nativity scene.

My 1st Stocking.  My Papa bought this for me. It is 56 years old!

Noel banner and wooden angel on my painted cupboard in the Dining Room.

Pinecones from our yard and the star is one my husband's family put on their tree each year.

Some more decorations on my sofa table in the Living Room.

Sled with skates on the front porch.  The sled and skates were mine when I was little.

Our Star of Wonder picture by Trisha Romance hanging int he front hall.

Waterford angel I bought in Waterford Ireland in 2004 on our 25th wedding anniversary trip.  

My antique wooden spools, antique beer bottle, salt glazed Santa and Beleek Irish Cottage in the Dining Room.

Our house all lit up at night.  It's a little hard to see but you get the idea.

I love this time of year!!  Just brings wonderful times to mind this holiday season!  The grandboys are 2 and 4 years old now, so this Christmas season it is so nice to enjoy it through the eyes of a child. 

I hope everyone can enjoy this time of year and remember the reason for the season!  BELIEVE!!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Today is my Dad's 79th Birthday!

Dad and Jack

Dad and Owen
Today is Halloween and it is also my Dad's 79th birthday!  My Dad and I have had ups and downs over the years but I do love my Dad.  Sometimes he can be prickly and other times he can be really understanding and a kind person.  I called Dad today and had a really nice conversation with him.  I can't believe he is on the door step of 80!!  He was telling me about all the things he is working on around their farm and all the projects he wants to accomplish.  The pictures above were taken this Spring at my parents.  Owen, Jack, Jenny and I made the trip North to visit.  My Dad had three girls (me being the oldest) and now he has 2 great-grandsons.  He had both of them riding on his John Deere tractor and Owen even drove his Farmall Cub tractor. 

My Dad was a residential builder his whole work career.  He started doing masonry work but almost immediately went into building.  He built houses for 54 years.  I remember going with him to the cinder block supplier or the lumberyard.  He had a green dump truck that he loved and we would ride everywhere in it.  He built 2 homes for our family and my parents are still living in the last one he built.  He was and still is a hard working man.  He was always a little gruff and never showed his love for us by hugging us or giving us a kiss but we always knew he cared.  I think he has really mellowed with age and even tells me he loves me every once in a while.  Last June we all had a scare.  He was hospitalized in June and almost passed away.  He got bit by a tick and got some bacterial infection that was horrible.  We are also so glad he had good Drs. and they saw him through.

Happy Birthday Dad!!  Love you :)!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Autumn Decorating and the Grandboys 09.26.15

This morning Jenny and the boys came over for a few hours.  The boys had so much fun playing with Nana and Papa!!  Jenny doesn't like the mess Play-Doh makes, but at Nana's house you can play with Play-Doh and the boys did!! 
Jack loves Play-Doh so much that he was hugging it :)!!!

Mama telling Jack all about Play-Doh.

Owen and Papa making Play-Doh logs to building something.

Owen was teasing Papa while playing with Play-Doh.

The last time the boys were here, Owen asked me to make a garage for him and a road.  I took all the couch and loveseat pillows and made a tunnel-like tube and then draped one of the throws over it and then I folded 2 throws in half and put them end to end coming out of the "garage.  They loved it and of course, we had to repeat that today!!

Owen and Jack outside the garage/tent.
Jack resting and watching TV outside the garage/tent.  So cute!
After Jenny and the boys left, I decided it feels like autumn with the rainy Saturday we are having so it's time to decorate for Autumn and Halloween.  Here is what I accomplished:

Dining Room Table decorations

Candle arrangement on the kitchen counter

Front door wreath.  Megan made this for me last year.  Just love it!
Living Room Mantel

Left side of the mantel

Right side of the mantel
My swan is swathed in bittersweet (Not real bittersweet but it sure does look like the real thing!)

The stained glass Jack-0-Lantern I made 25 years ago.

So now all the decorating is done, hubby is taking a nap upstairs, Teddy, our Golden Retriever is alseep on the oriental rug outside the office where I am typing and I am enjoying visiting with all of you drinking my Vanilla tea and burning a pumpkin spice candle!

This is one of my favorite mugs made by a potter in Seagrove, NC.  The gallery is called Dirtworks.  I have had that mug for about 12 or more years.  I just love!!

I am now off to read a mystery I have been reading (Ming Tea Murders by Laura Childs) and have some "me" time!  If you haven't read any of Laura Child's Tea Shop Mysteries, I would highly recommend them.  They are quick reads but great books for a rainy afternoon (or really any time). 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Autumn Has Arrived!!

Well Autumn has arrived in Mint Hill!!  It is alot cooler and the humidity has finally left for the most part!  I am looking forward to Autumn because I can already smell the firepit burning some chilly night, apple crisp cooking in the oven making the house smell so wonderful, pumpkins, mums, Halloween, sweaters and anything Fall.

I love sitting on the front porch with a book.  Reading out there and sipping tea.  For some reason I love shortbread cookies more this time of year too!  I seem to read more also this time of year.  I guess I just like to cozy up with a blanket, some tea and a good book. 

I always love the Halloween costumes Jenny picks out for the grandboys too!  I love watching all the little kids trick or treat!  They are all so cute.

I let my hair grow long, so it keeps my neck warm as the weather gets colder.  I also go a little darker with my hair color too!  I have started going over all the clothes I have for the cooler weather.  Today I just ordered 2 more pants for work and a sweater today.  I'm wearing shoes and socks again-no more sandals for me.

I have started cooking warmer types foot too!  Tonight I made lasagna for dinner and it felt good to eat something warm, comfort food.  I think this weekend I might make an apple crisp with vanilla ice cream to start the Autumn off right!

I hope everyone enjoy Autumn as much as I do!!  Enjoy the season!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day 2015

Well another summer season has come and gone!  Labor Day is today.  Happy Labor Day everyone!!  John and I pretty much just chilled out today.  I got up to let the dog out, read a little and fell back to sleep, got up read a little more, slept again, finally took a shower, headed to Harris Teeter for some veggies and fruit, came home and had a wonderful dinner with John and now I'm chilling in front of the computer and then I'm off to read!  Now that is my kind of day!!

I have noticed little changes around the garden and yard towards Autumn.  I really cannot wait for Autumn to come.  We have had a very hot and humid summer this year.  While I love summer and I am looking forward to some crisp, cool days, a fire in the fireplace or the firepit outside, making bread, apple crisp and drinking lovely hot tea in the evening!  I don't know about you but this is one of my favorite times of year. 

Time to get the Autumn Wreath I made last year out and hang it on our front door!

I saw some flowering Kale in amongst some grasses and creeping Jenny at Lowes the other day.  I think I will like them for my front 2 black urns at the bottom of the front steps.  I won't decorate my mantel yet, but I'm already planning  what I will be doing on the mantel this year. 

I love the smell of cinnamon and spices.  The lovely orange of pumpkins, the little faces on the Winter pansies I'll plant around the garden, the beautiful Autumn leaves and all the other wonderful Autumn things!!

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend and I hope you are looking forward to Autumn too!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Vacation Time is Coming!!!

John and I will be celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary next Tuesday (8/11).  We are getting away for a few days!  We are going to Asheville.  We have our whole time planned there and I can't wait.  We will be spending one whole day at The Biltmore House.  We have been there once before about 10 years ago.  We did not go this time of year though it was in November.  I can't wait to see the beautiful gardens. 

We will be staying at The Grove Park Inn.  Here are some photos from the Omni Hotel website:

I will take lots of photos to share with you when we get back!! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Today is my 56th Birthday!!

Today I turned 56!  Where did the time go?  It just seems like yesterday I was 25 or even 30.  I love my life now though!  I have a loving husband (John) of almost 36 yrs., my children are all grown, I have 2 fun and loving grandsons, I house I love, gardens, books, etc.  As I reflected on my life as I drove to work this morning, I realize I have a pretty darn good life!!  I'm not going to say there were some bumps in the road (some were mountains) but for the most part everything has been good.

Yesterday, Megan my oldest daughter and I went to the new Tangiers Outlets.  Well we went to Kate Spade, Coach and Michael Kors looking for a new purse for me.  She ended up with one and I ended up with 3!!  Yes, that is right 3!!  When the prices are as good as they were yesterday, you take full advantage.  I got 2 coach bags and 1 Michael Kors.  Megan got a Coach bag.  We then proceeded to get 3 shirts for my son-in-law, Ken for his birthday (his is Sunday) and 2 shirts for hubby just because.

I had to work all day today but tonight we are going to Ruth Chris Steak House here in Charlotte.  We are going with Megan and Ken.  It is restaurant week here in Charlotte.  Megan made reservations a long time ago so we would be sure to have seats. 

My co-worker, Linda gave me a beautiful shell pink miniature rose and a really cute card.  She is a sweetheart!  Linda, Teresa and I went out for lunch and the company paid for it!  We went to Portofino's.  I had my fav Chicken Francese!  I will need a diet for sure after this birthday!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day, I know I have :)!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

07.18.15 Saturday Walk and Purchases

Today was a wonderful, relaxing day!  John was playing in a kick ball tournament for work until the afternoon, so I took the opportunity to go shopping at Dress Barn, Pier 1 and then a Costco run.  I bought cake plate to go with the glass cake top that survived our move 2 1/2 yrs ago.  Unfortunately, the original cake plate did not.  Now I have a completed set!

While I was at Pier 1 I also saw a beautiful vanity jar that I can keep my cotton balls in.

When I got home had delivered my Alex and Ani bracelet I ordered as an early birthday present.  I chose the Path of Life.  This bracelet is just perfect!!

John got home and he was so tired from being out in the heat.  At one point the temps were 104!!  He feel asleep after his shower and I was downstairs reading and then I fell asleep!  I woke up at 6:00!!  We had some lovely chicken salad and broccoli salad for dinner.  After we watered the potted plants on the back patio and front porch, we settled down to enjoy the cool breeze and lovely sunset on the front porch.  I also took a short stroll around the front garden and I took some lovely photos.

What a truly perfect Saturday for sure!!  Can't wait to enjoy tomorrow too!!