Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Winter Rose

I completed The Winter Rose and I really miss all the characters already! Jennifer Donnelly certainly has a way of weaving wonderful stories in one book. I can't wait for the 3rd book in the trilogy to come out! I read The Tea Rose, the first book in this trilogy and it was also wonderful. If you like historical fiction this one's for you! I have e-mailed Jennifer Donnelly a few times and she has always answered me back. She seems to be a very nice person and what a talented writer.


  1. Hi Sherri,
    Congrats on your new blog!
    It looks great. I am thinking of starting a blog and you make it look easy! I am also reading The Winter Rose and after the recap on page 66 I am enjoying it much more.
    The beginning was a slow start for me. I stuck with it because I loved The Tea Rose.


  2. Hi Sherri - Welcome to blogland! I have THE WINTER ROSE sitting on my bookshelf. I'm going to read it for a challenge in a couple of months - if I can hold out that long!

  3. Hi Sherri, you're making me consider the idea of starting a blog. I mean, you are so busy, I think if you can manage it I should be able to!

  4. Hi there :-)

    Welcome to Bloggerland - Have FUN with it!!

  5. Thanks for the review Sherri, I had the Winter Rose on my 'to read' list and did not realise there was a first book! So now I will also add this to my Amazon list :-)

  6. Love the pictures Sherri, the blog is looking great!


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