Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lunch at Olive Garden with Jenny!

Today John and I had a lovely lunch with Jenny! She is always a pleasure to be with. Everyone at Olive Garden came up to us and told us they love working with Jenny, because she is so much fun! She told us they are still waiting to hear whether they got their mortgage or not. We found out the other people they were going to buy the 1930's cottage from won't give the good faith offer of $1,000 back even though the contract says so! She said Kevin is really upset. John has a good client that will write a letter to Allen Tate Realty that is holding the money and tell them to release it immediately. Those people are just wrong holding the kids money, what is wrong with some people today! They wouldn't fix anything on the house the home inspector said to and they wanted full price-they are in the wrong not the kids. The kids had the inspection within the contract specified time and the report back earlier than the contract said. It really makes you lose faith the way people act sometimes. I think they are just praying on young kids. They might get a huge surprise when they get a letter from an attorney! Jenny has had to work double shifts for about 2 weeks now so they have enough money for the closing. Hopefully that transaction will go well! Sorry for the rant but some people just make me mad!!


Lynne said...

I hope Jenny and Kevin will get their money back. And hope their mortgage goes through. With the mortgage situation right now, you can never be too sure, even if you have everything working in your favor.

Cindy said...

I'm sure when an attorney lets them know that keeping the money is unlawful and could result in much more money lost in a lawsuit, the money will be "magically" released.

Olive Garden is one of my favorite places to dine. And I always admire the employees (like Jenny) that are so good and hardworking.


Mary said...

How nice to hear such great things about your daughter from her coworkers. I'm betting they'll get the money back once they receive the letter from the lawyer!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I hope things work out for them. Buying a house in these bad economic times is a little frightening.

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