Saturday, October 24, 2009

New color and cut!

Later this morning I had a cut, color and highlight appt. at the Salon I really like. I tried Megan's salon but I just didn't like the cut and I didn't even have them try to do color. Jessica, my stylist is a sweetheart and I should have just stayed with her all along. She was so glad I was back and didn't even ask any questions of where I've been going for the last 3 months! She fixed what the other girl ruined and I won't leave her again. I did however, have a talk with the owner about the schedulers. Every time I went they have me waiting for 35-40 mins. for my appt.! I don't mind wait 5, 10 or an occasional 15 but 35-40 mins. is way too long! He said he has all new staff in that dept. and things have been going much smoother. I only had to wait 2 mins. this morning, which is fine.

Here is the new me!

I think you can see the color in this picture better.

While I was at the salon I read and finished Casting Spells. I really liked that book and I'm looking forward to reading the next one in that series. I have to read a different Halloween cozy mystery I have first though. I think it is called All Hallowed Eve, something like that.

Everyone have a great day!


Kay said...

Oh yes! I really like it! It's a gorgeous cut and the highlights are very natural and beautiful!

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Sherri, it looks beautiful, and so do you : ) It's a great cut and I love the color. Yay for finding someone who can do what you want!

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it!

I just might have to make that 4 hour drive to get my hair done by your girl!

I finally decided that my cut isn't too bad, but the color is just way too dark. She cut out all the highlights. As soon as I can get them done again, I think I'll be happy.

Bonnie said...

Sherri your new color and cut looks beautiful! It sounds like you need to stick with Jessica! Good for you for speaking up about the wait time, 35-40 min is way too long. They must have been losing quite a few customers.

Unknown said...

I( love it, especially the colour, very natural!

Sherri said...

Thanks everyone! I really love it even more today-it's a little brighter, but still looks more natural. Everyone at church loved it!

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Fantastic new do!!

Glad you're not having to wait so long to be seen, 30+mins is far too long.

Victoria xx

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