Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thrifting, material, lunch, my garden and button rings!

Yesterday morning I drove up to Jenny's for our girls day! We did alot of things yesterday and I have to say I slept really well last night-LOL! We went thrifting at about 4 places. Jenny got a few things but I didn't see anything. I was mainly look for beads and vintage buttons. Then we went to this restaurant called Akropolis. I had moussaka, which was really good. Jenny had a chicken parm sub sandwich. She said it was really good too. We also went to this vintage, shabby chic kind of shop and it was wonderful. They had homemade soap pretty near the entrance and the aromas were wonderful! I especially fell in love with the Verbena soap-I love anything lemon! We walked around and oohed and ahhed as we went along. We also stopped at this material store called Cotton Ginnys. I bought some material that is a beach theme-sand dollars, fish, crab, nautilus shell. It is reversible too! I'm going to use it on one my purse/totes I'm making. The man working at the store told us the material is woven right here in NC about 30 miles away. It made me feel good helping NC artists/companies. We also went to Hancock Fabrics and I bought some more material with palm fronds on it-very rich colors and beautiful! I better get sewing!! I had such a wonderful day with Jenny-she is so easy to be with! We decided we'll have to have a sewing day and chill out together more often! I headed on home and then took Teddy out. While I was out I check the plants in our courtyard and saw how much they had grown during the week. There are some pictures below of some of my plants-you will see how much they have grown! I then settled down and was determined to make one button ring-well guess what I made 2! They turned out so cute! I need to get some ring flats that are adjustable so everyone will be able to wear them! I will be posting the 2 I made on etsy today. I had so much fun doing this! Here are some sneak preview pics!

Here are the garden pics too:

This is one of the 5 huge buds on the tree peony.

The rose bush on the black wrought iron trellis has about tripled in size in 2 weeks! I can't wait for those beautiful roses to start blooming!

There is nothing holding this daylily plant back either! The daylilies I brought with me from our old house have all wintered over so well.

I have 2 really large clumps of coral bells planted in urns and they are doing so well. I'm glad everything I brought from the old house survived the winter and will still be a part of my garden. These coral bells are special to me because they were divided from my Grandmother's plants about 30 yrs. ago!

Last but not least the creeping jenny I had growing in two of the urns on our small front porch decided to have a major growth spurt last week too. I love the wonderful chartreuse color!

I hope you enjoy the little tour of my garden and the sneak preview of my button rings!

Thanks Jenny for a wonderful day-hugs to you sweetie!!


Piney Rose said...

love the button rings!

Anonymous said...

Your rings are beautiful. I am starting to see life in all my flower beds! Finally spring has sprung in NJ.
That peony tree is lovely. Can't wait to see the blooms!


Darlene said...

Your button rings are gorgeous Sherri! I'm so jealous of all your plants. They're beautiful. It'll be a good few months yet before we see green or flowers. I can't wait though. Have a great Sunday.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Sounds like your weekend was more fun than mine.

Florence and Mary said...

It sounds like your weekend was as busy as mine!

Victoria xx

Donna said...

Love the button rings, Sherri! Sounds like you had a great weekend, and your plants look wonderful!

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