Monday, February 21, 2011

David Austin Roses are beautiful!

I love to garden but the townhouse we are renting doesn't have much space for gardening in the courtyard. I have lots of plants in containers and 2 of the containers have roses in them. I have decided since we will be moving around May 1st to hopefully a house I would like to get some more roses. That has got me thinking about the beautiful David Austin roses! I went to the website and here are some of my favorites:

This rose is Lady of Megginch. I just love this rich pink color and fullness of this rose!

Munstead Wood Rose is just a gorgeous color of magenta. I really want this rose!

Shropshire Lad Rose is a beautiful peachy, shell pink color. This might just have to make it into my collection too!

Crown Princess Margareta is a lovely name for this apricot colored rose.

If you would like a thornless rose,this James Galway fits the bill! I just love this one!

I have always loved the apricot-brandy colored roses. The Grace Rose has so many petals-I just love it!!

It will be really hard to choose which ones I really must have, so maybe I'll have to order all of them-LOL!!!


tinajo said...

Wow, they are all just gorgeous! :-)

Mary said...

So beautiful! I can almost smell them :-)

Donnie said...

What beauty there is in nature.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Sherri!
Thanks for stopping by today and leaving a sweet comment. I love your header picture with the lilacs in it! OH my...I LOVE David Austin roses. I had 5 of his roses in our cottage in the city and I loved them all. I had 3 climbers and the others were shrub roses. They all had such wonderful scents and the flowers were to 'die for'! I hope you do buy some from them. I'm thinking of ordering some for here on the farm but I have a lot of work to do before I'm ready for them. Good luck choosing which ones you want to order!
Maura :)

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey Sherri! Thanks for your sweet comment on my tea for two tablescape, I truly enjoyed working on it! (at 4:00 AM!!) :) I had a headache and couldn't sleep, so I played instead.
Those roses are gorgeous, I don't think I could make my mind up either..I'd have to have one of each! :)

Donna said...

Love them! I want them all!

Kathy said...

David Austin Roses are amazing - I have a few - none you mentioned - but I do love their full-petaled look!
Great choices!

Kay said...

Oh my! They are gorgeous! I do love the scent of roses as well.

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