Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some daylilies and flowers in the Garden

I walked around the garden last night and took some photos of some of my daylilies and flowers that were blooming. I thought I would share them with you!

My gardenia shrub started blooming the other day and it smells wonderful on the patio.

I planted this Bee Balm (Monarda) when we first moved in the house. The Hummingbirds really love it!

I love this little cherry rose daylily! It is one of my favorites.

These daylilies are really great bloomers!

I bought this daylily when we had the farm in NJ. I dug it up and brought it down to NC with me when we moved here 7 yrs. ago. The name of the daylily is Lake Norman Sunset. How crazy is this I bought it in NJ and moved to NC and the Lake in our area is Lake Norman and the sunsets are just gorgeous!!

I just had to show you my lemon. I have 4 of them growing right now, but this is the largest one!

Oriental Lily in a container on the patio.

This peach and maroon daylily is a beauty.

I love tuberous begonias. I bought this one around Mother's Day.

This is the same begonia but the flower is opening more and there are some buds. I can't wait until they all start blooming.


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Pretty flowers Sherri! My Meyer lemon tree has been moved outside and the two lemons that were growing all winter inside seem happy. We have new leaves on the tree too.

My Cottage Charm said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Sherri! I am going to do something fun today...two of my best friends are taking me out to lunch and my hubby just served me breakfast in bed. :) Carson just walked in the room and sang happy birthday to me and I also got a gift bag full of my favorite candy...and it's only 6:52 am...wonder what the rest of the day holds?! :) lol
Hugs to you my friend

kim23 said...

thanks for this sharing, Sherri! great photos of very beautiful mothers day flowers! My favorite flower is that little cherry rose daylily! absolutely charming!

Donna said...

So many pretty blooms, Sherri. Love all the different day lilies and I can just smell that gardenia!

Enjoy your day,

Haden News said...

Beautiful flowers...you really have a green thumb!! Love your lemon tree, are they hard to grow?

Debbie said...

Hi Sherri...your flowers are all beautiful! It must smell lovely at your house with all of those lilies!!!
Your header is so pretty! I absolutely LOVE the color in your bedroom.
Have a great Wednesday!

French Basketeer.com said...

Looove seeing all the flowers, Sherri! I can smell that gardenia!

Linda's Serenity Garden said...

Ah, yes, another gardener! Surely you have bees on your Bee Balm as well? I love so many plants and too small of a yard. So I focus on plants that fill the three B's:birds, bees, butterflies. Then select ones that have scent. A challenge to say the least in this cool coastal climate of the Northwest.

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