Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday was a Cooking/Baking kind of day!

Yesterday John and I had to go to his office to fax some documents from his Notary Closing on Friday night.   We decided to have breakfast at The House of Pancakes in the South Park section of Charlotte.  We had never been there.  I had blueberry pancakes and John and bacon pancakes, yes I said bacon pancakes!!  Then we proceed to drive to Mint Hill and check out our new house.  They had the whole thing insulated and drywall in every room.  They will be installing the drywall tomorrow (Monday) and putting the siding on the outside this week.  We are so excited!!  After planning the layout of our furniture in the new house and landscaping of the outside we had to stop at Harris Teeter.  While I was there I picked up apples for apple crisp, kidney beans and tomatoes for chili.  When we got home I made the chili, made the apple crisp and I also decided we needed beer bread.  The whole apartment smelled wonderful!!!  I was sitting on the front porch knitting and my neighbor stopped by and said she smelled a roast, was I making a roast.  I told her I was making chili, apple crisp and beer bread.  She was so jealous, I told her I would have her and her husband down for dinner but her in-laws where in town.  I didn't have enough for the whole group.  Dinner at the McD's was really awesome if I must say so myself!!  It was just a baking/cooking kind of day!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend!!


Lindsay Ledgerwood said...

Sounds wonderful! I absolutely love anything apple, especially this time of year!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

It sounds like the perfect fall day Sherri!

Susie said...

I made chili yesterday while the wind was howling outside. My daughter and s-i-l are getting ready to move in their new home soon. I have helped with the painting. I know how exciting it is when the drywall goes up and the siding is on. Enjoy honey.Smiles, Susie

Donna said...

Sounds perfect and yummy!

Vicki Boster said...

Sherri- these kind of days are my very favorites! Sometimes I love spending the day in the kitchen-- your dinner sounds fabulous.

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