Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Weekend!!

Well the weekend is finally here!  What an extra long week I seemed to have.  Well it really wasn't anymore than the 5 days but they seemed exceptionally long!  We don't have any plans really for the weekend and that is just fine with us!  We were going to go to Wrightsville Beach, but changed our minds.  We will do that soon though.  The lawn is going to be aerated, fertilized, seeded, overseeded, etc. tomorrow.  I hope the grass takes well in the backyard.  The Builder had originally seeded and strawed the backyard (the front and sides are sod) but 4 days after they did that we had torrential rains and the seed pretty much washed away.  We want to put a patio in sometime and while the grass wouldn't need to be in that area, we really need grass in alot of the other areas. 

I think I will get my black urns out and buy some mums for them.  They will go at the bottom of the steps on the front porch.  I think the shiny black urns will look great against the flat stone on the steps!  I have already put my Autumn wreath on my front door.  The summer one just didn't look right there anymore.  I might yank the plants out of the flower boxes too, they are getting leggy and need to be replaced.  I might put some pumpkins or ornamental kale in them.  We moved into the new house in November so this will be the first Fall we have had. 

The weather is suppose to be just awesome, so I will spend some time out on the front porch knitting and reading too.  I will need to get a good walk in too.  Maybe John and I will venture over to the Greenway and get a good walk in there. 

What ever you have planned for this weekend, I hope everyone has a great one!!


NanaDiana said...

LOL- We are working in the garage this weekend. We stored a friend's stuff here (that passed away). He had no family to speak of so we had to dispose of his things and finally found a long long relative. We are packing up anything of value and sending it to him.

I have lots of little projects to do , too- xo Diana

Kay said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Sherri. It's raining today on Oahu, but we do have a hike scheduled for Sunday.

Victoria Eales said...

Have a great weekend Sherri. We have my niece and nephew this weekend so off to a local childrens museum - should be fun.


Penny@The Comforts of Home & From Harvest To Table said...

Love your header Sherri! We are having a neighborhood picnic this afternoon and tomorrow I am painting the trim in the master bath.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Hey there Sherri!! You're blog is looking fantastic :) Luv it! ANyway hope all is well (kinda looking for pictures of that adorable grandchild of he's getting so big!!) Did you get your urns planted last weekend? Karrie and I both need to bring down our fall stuff for our houses and get busy!! Have a great week!

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