Monday, May 1, 2023

May 1st is here already!

 Hi Everyone!  Happy May Day!  Where in the world is this year going?  I cannot believe it is May 1st already!  I feel we just celebrated Christmas.

I brought 4 of my favorite rose bushes from SC to Scott's house.  They are all doing well.  I also brought up my veg trug that I put together last year for my herbs.  They are doing well also.  I have sage, lemon thyme, parsley and strawberries growing in the trug.  My dahlia tubers from Petalpickers in Greenville, SC have arrived.  I will be planting them in pots this year.  I really hope they do well, especially my favorite Cafe au Lait!  My Japanese Red Maple that I brought with me is doing so well.  It really loves it here!  My tree peony (which I have carted with me from NJ) is doing really well also, but will probably not bloom this year.  We had a freeze in SC this Spring and I think that stopped it from forming buds.  When I went to SC last week for a day and a half my daylilies were starting to bloom!  Here are some photos of them and the roses that were blooming.

My Jackmanii Clematis

Early Peony

Graham Thomas Rose on the fence at my SC house.

I couldn't resist picking some of the Graham Thomas roses.  I brought them home with me to NC!

Lady of Shallot Rose

Oh Happy Day rosebud.

Daylily at my SC House

Some more roses in a vintage bottle.  Those 2 little strawberries are from my raised bed garden at the SC house.  They were so good!  I see this as a painting some day.  I'll need to get on that soon!

Katelyn, Scott's 17 year old daughter had her Prom in April.  She was so beautiful in her gold sparkly dress!  Here she is with her boyfriend, TJ.

It was fun helping her get her dress on and watch the stylist do her hair.  They had a wonderful time!

I had a pleasant surprise the last time I was in SC at my house.  Jenny let me have the boys for lunch and she joined us also.  I haven't seen the boys since Christmas time.  It was so nice!  I'm going to see them on Thursday for lunch while I'm down there for a CT Scan.

Jack and I.

Owen and I

Scott and I went to Tennessee to see his long time friends, Troy and Karen.  We had a wonderful time.  Their house has been settling alot and they have been getting cracks above their doors in the house.  Scott, having been in construction and built his own house, offered to help them jack the house up.  That project was a success!  They are such nice people.  Can't wait to see them again.  Karen and I spent alot of time sitting on the front porch looking out at their gorgeous view.  See for yourself how wonderful their view are.

Here are a few random photos I took in April.

I was enjoying my tea early in the a.m. at my SC house.

Trying to finish up knitting the Habitation Throw I started the day I started chemo.  Almost there but just not quite.  I have a sweater I want to start, so this project needs to end.  

Some meadow roses were blooming in Scott's backyard by the woods.  Even thought they aren't sought after, they are still beautiful!  

Well that is about all I have to share with all of you for now.  I hope everything is going well with all of you!  Enjoy!



  1. Beautiful pics, Sherri. You had a busy April - no wonder it seemed to fly by!

  2. Sounds like love and flowers are blooming well! Looks beautiful! Linda in Kansas

  3. It all looks so beautiful, Sherri. I'm still trying to catch up after being away for 20 days. So much to do. I can hardly believe it's May already too. I loved seeing the photos of you with the boys.

    1. Thanks Kay! Yes, I can see that you have alot of catching up after being away for 20 days.