Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Summer Has Arrived in NC!

 Hi Everyone!  I know it has been some time since I have posted but the time has just gotten away with me with all the gardening and mulching going on around here.  There has been so much mulching going on here that has taken up so much of my time.  Pretty soon that will all be done and I can come on here more!

I have mulched every garden around the house (so that is 4 in all), yesterday I re-mulched another layer around the front and side of the house garden.  Today I mulched for 3 hours and did under the ash and cedar tree.  Nothing grows under there so this looks so much better as you will see in the picture below.

Mulched under the ash and cedar tree.

This is the front garden I re-mulched.  I think it is 6" deep now.

Mulched down the side of the house again also.

2 weeks ago I went down to SC to see Owen perform in Shrek Jr.  The local playhouse in Lake City had this production.  Owen played Shrek when he was 7 years old and then he played Pig #1 as one of the 3 little pigs in the play.  He and all the kids did a phenomenal job!!  I had lunch with my friend, Angela after the play then I headed home with Riley.  He was at Jenny's house while I was at the play and lunch.

Owen and I after the play was over.  Love that boy!

Owen was the second from the right.  Pig #1.

First Owen played Shrek when he was 7 years old and was told to go out into the world and start a life for himself.

My gardens are doing really great!  I have tomatoes forming on the plant, my first daylily bloomed and it was gorgeous, Lavender, butterfly bush and some roses have bloomed also.  I also harvested my Romaine Lettuce.  It has been so good!

First daylily to bloom in the garden.  Just beautiful!

First romaine lettuce harvest.  So delicious!

Now I have tomatoes forming on the 1 plant I planted.

Last Tuesday Riley went to Lazy 5 Veterinarians and they neutured him.  He has been doing really well but the meds they gave him really knock him out as you can see in the photo.  I bought him one of the air-filled pillow collars because the plastic one for the vet really bothered him.  He was much more comfortable in this collar.  His incision is healing up nicely and he only has a few more days of the meds.  He will be right back to his lovely, handsome self really soon!

Well that pretty much wraps up what has been going on in my life!  I have also been knitting a little bit and listening to audiobooks.  I hope that Summer has come to where ever you live and that you can enjoy it!



  1. That mulching is a lot of work and also a good work out. Your yard and gardens look really good.
    How fun to see Owen performing.
    I am impressed by your romaine harvest. It looks so healthy and yummy.
    Poor Riley. Hope he is fully recovered soon.
    Have a wonderful summer, Sherri.

    1. Thank you! Yes mulching is hard work but I think it worked every muscle I have LOL!! The romaine lettuce is so good, nice and fresh! I had a BLT today and used it and it was soooooo good! Riley is doing great-he is full of energy today. He isn't sleeping as much. His incision is healing well. You have a great summer too!

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