Friday, April 5, 2024

Is it Winter or Spring?

 Hi Everyone!  I hope this post finds you all well!  I really don't think Mother Nature can figure out whether she wants Spring or Winter this week.  We had 80 degree weather last weekend and the beginning of the week but then Wednesday night it turned into 40 and 30 degree weather again.  Oh well, that is April sometimes.  I'm just thankful we had a little rain but nothing that would make some parts of my yard and garden a mud bath!

Well I went and got my rototiller out this week.  I extended the very front garden and turned it around the corner and went down along side the house.  The ground here is so hard and there is alot of rock here.  I actually got one large rock stuck in the tines of the rototiller!  Oh boy, that took me an hour to get it out.  The rototiller I have is electric and it has a unique set up to keep it running.  I know why it is that way for safety but it makes it awfully hard for this lady to operate for any length of time especially if the ground is so hard and rocky.  You have to push a button on the inside of the handle and pull up on a lever (all at the same time) to keep it going.  I now the button on the inside of the handle is what they call a "kill" switch but it makes it darn hard to keep holding those 2 buttons/lever down.  My wrist hurt for 2 days.  Well I got smart and called my lawn guy to come and till up a bed along the back of the house and one 1/2 way down the other side of the house.  I'm just getting too old for this stuff.  It also made my arm and shoulder hurt.  This 64 year old is done tilling!  I can't wait to plant the beds with flowers, herbs and veggies!  I did go to Lowe's the other day to get a rake.  Of course, I had to go through the garden center part and of course, I had to bring some plant babies home with me and some seeds! LOL!!  If anyone knows me, one of my biggest weaknesses is garden centers.   I will bring you all along on my planting adventure.  Hopefully by summer I will have some real beauties to cut and bring in the house!  Mason came over last night and brought 2 of my roses that lived through the winter and my tree peony that I brought with me from NJ 20 years ago and have moved it with me everywhere I have lived since moving to NC.  I have had it for about 35 years.  I was very thankful that he brought them to me.  

The light part of the area is where I tilled and extended the front garden.

This is down the one side of the house that I tilled.  I had to be very careful because the sewer connection is on this side.  I gave it a big area of no tilling, don't want to disturb that!

I saw this quote the other day and I just love it.  It is how I live my life!

Beautiful Quote

Riley has been somewhat of a teenager lately.  It is just a phase but sometimes he can be a handful, but manageable.  He is still really sweet and I was expecting this stage to come into play sometime soon.  We will get thru it as I have with all my other pups.  He is growing in leaps and bounds.  Love that pup!

Handsome boy!

I received some really beautiful tulips on Easter from a friend.  I just love their color-just beautiful!

The sky at night and in the mornings have been so beautiful!  Some of them have seemed really wintery, like last night.  

Sunrise two days ago.  I love the little crescent moon just hanging there!

Last night this was the sky at around 9:00.  Very wintery looking I thought.

Well I'm off to relax and do some knitting.  I'm working on a throw called the Travertine Throw.  I also have another knitting project to get started, so I might work on that.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!




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