Monday, May 12, 2008

The Girls and I on Mother's Day

This is a picture Megan's husband took of the three of us! We were at Megan and Ken's house celebrating Mother's Day and Jenny's 25th Birthday (which is Thursday). Jenny is on the left of me (looking straight on) and Megan is on the right. We had such a fun day on Saturday together. It went on and on-what fun we all had!! This was a day for memories!!


Mary said...

What a lovely photo of you and your girls!

Sherri said...

Mary, thanks! I had such a wonderful day on Saturday, I was tired but very happy!

BritGal' Sarah said...

Great piccie Sherri

Lynne said...

Great picture, Sherri. Megan looks like you and I remember seeing a picture of John - Jennie looks just like him!

How are the wedding plans coming?

Sherri said...

Lynne, thanks for the nice comments. Jenny does look like John. We all look better in person than that picture but I love pictures of the three of us together smiling!!! We were so tired but I wanted Ken to take our picture.

The wedding plans are coming along great. Megan and I are throwing Jenny a bridal shower on June 7th, so we've been planning that. It has been fun. Megan told me when she gets pregnant and has the baby she's quitting her job and staying home. When the baby gets a certain age she's going to start a party planning business. I think she would be wonderful at it-very creative and it's something she can do from home! Perfect all the way around!

Ring of Kerry, Ireland
My husband, John and I went to Ireland for our 25th Wedding Anniversary in 2004. We had an awesome trip and we will never forget it. We actually got to visit our friends who live in Northern Ireland. We spent 3 wonderful days with them! The picture above was taken when we visited The Ring of Kerry. The beauty of Ireland is just spectacular! If you ever get a chance visit there.
Megan is my oldest daughter. She and Ken were married on April 12, 2008. It was a wonderful ceremony and reception!
Jenny and Kevin at their wedding 8/30/08. The wedding was at our home and turned out wonderful! Everyone had such a good time!