Thursday, November 13, 2008

I must admit I am in a "blue mood" today

I think everything has finally hit me today. I have a sinus pressure headache, which I'm sure the weather is creating. It's in the 50's and rainy. I am worried about my Mom. She called last night and said she is driving herself the day before Thanksgiving to her eye appt. All the car services in her area are booked because of the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm still really mad at my sisters and father for treating her the way they did and continue to treat her. Family is suppose to be there to support each other not make the other family members miserable! I know I should be used to this behavior I'm 49 and I've put up with this my whole life. I usually am a pretty upbeat person and try to find the best in people but I think I have run out of that ability with my family. I thank my lucky stars my husband and 2daughters aren't that way!! I guess I can also be happy I live in NC and away from NJ where my family lives. I feel a little better getting this off my chest. Hopefully this will pass soon! Thanks for listening.


Roses and Lilacs said...

I think you might be feeling guilty that you can't take care of her, even tho it sounds like others could be helping more. I'm just like you, when a member of family 'needs' something, I feel like it's my duty to see it done. I think it is in most women's genetic code. We want to be there for family, caregivers, healers...

Vintage Tea said...

Sherri, sorry to hear you're not feeling great at the moment, I hope things pick up soon.

Thank you so much for all your comments despite my being not the most attentive blogger since my holiday, I'm finally starting to catch up now!

Victoria xx

Mary said...

Sherri, I'm sorry your siblings are letting your Mom and you down. I wonder if anyone from her church would do it. We have a ministry at our church that does just that!

I hope your head is feeling better. There's a lot of crud going around already in my area and I heard the first case of the 'real' flu has been reported in my state. I got my shot a few days ago. Crossing my fingers.

Sherri said...

Everyone thanks for all your support. Sorry I'm so down but when it rains it pours as they say. I'm trying to get past this and I know I will like I always do. I want the holidays to be great not depressing! I already feel better just telling y'all my troubles and I'm concentrating on my girls and wonderful husband. I appreciate them all so much! Thanks girls you always light up my day!!

Kay said...

I so sorry you're going through a blue period here. Family does occasionally let you down because I think we always expect more from them. Thank goodness you've got a wonderful husband and daughters. They make all the difference.

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