Thursday, February 12, 2009

I have a Drs. Appt. this afternoon

I'm leaving work at 3:30 today for my Dr. Appt. I have to have blood drawn (checking up on my thyroid) and I need my blood pressure checked. I check it at home but she wants me to come in and have her check it for her records. Hopefully my weight loss will impress her!

John has to work tonight so I'll be doing some household things. I may sketch out a new painting to work on or make some jewelry! I'm really looking forward to some "fun" spring/summer jewelry. I'm going to wear my Valentine's jewelry I made a week or two ago tomorrow to work. John and I would like to take a road trip (just for the day) for Valentine's Day. We just have to decide where! We were thinking maybe Greensville, SC, or Sea Grove, NC or Asheville, NC. We have been to Sea Grove and Asheville. I'll have to check it out tonight on-line.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!! Take care!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

I am on a weight loss journey as well....have any pointers. I have graves disease...always fighting my thyroid...cherry

Kay said...

You've got such happy things to think about. I love the idea of wearing the Valentines Day jewelry and especially the road trip with John. That's very special. Good Luck with your doctor's appointment. It's always good to keep on top of the thyroid and blood pressure. We have a blood pressure machine at home that my husband uses all the time. Have a terrific weekend.

Sherri said...

Cherry, my Dr. said just increase the exercise. I usually walk alot but she said to add some other things, more cardio or make my walks longer (3 miles or more).

Kay, I am very blessed with everything I have, especially John. I have a blood pressure machine at home now too and my readings at home are always better than at the Drs. office. I'm keeping an eye on it though! Thanks!

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