Sunday, February 15, 2009

Last Night and Today was very nice!

John and I had a very nice evening last night. We had the lemon chicken I made in front of the fireplace outside! It was so romantic. Then we came in later on and watched Sweet Home Alabama. We had watched that before but we thought it would be a good Valentine's Day movie. We snuggled on the couch and watched it. Today John woke up with a pretty nasty cold so we skipped church, slept in a bit, watched some HGTV, I taught John how to play Chocolatier (a computer game), we read and just plain chilled out! Tonight we'll watch another movie and chill too. To me this was the perfect weekend. I don't have tomorrow off but he will probably be able to rest because attorneys don't usually work on President's Day. His phone won't be ringing then and maybe his cold will decide to leave! I hope so.

Everyone have a lovely evening!!


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Sherri; What a wonderful way to spend a romantic holiday. No better way to spend Valentines day then a stay at home and cuddle one... I hope your hubby is feeling better soon.


Sherri said...

Thanks Alaura! It was a wonderful weekend, even though he has a bad cold, poor thing!

Rue said...

Hi Sherri :)

I hope he's better soon! It sounds like you two had a wonderful weekend though ;)

That house you looked at is really cute! I hope you get it :)


Kay said...

Sounds like a very romantic, lovely evening! Lemon chicken in front of the fireplace? Outside? Wow!

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