Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun day with Jenny and Kevin!

This morning we got up and headed to Jenny and Kevin's house in Concord, NC. It is about 40 minutes from our house. They wanted to take us to this antique place called Cline's Antiques. There were so many barns filled with antiques and antiques outside-we were there for about 2 hrs. and we just couldn't look at anymore! Then we went out to lunch in Harrisburg, NC about 15 mins. from their house. After that we headed to Lowe's because I told Kevin and Jenny I would help them pick out shrubs for in front of their house. We finally settled on Japanese boxwood and they were on sale! 3-gallon pots with huge shrubs for $9.95 each-can't beat that bargain! Then we went back to their house, John had to leave to come home with Teddy and then he had to go to work. Jenny and I planted their 2 raised bed veggie garden. They are so funny they no nothing about gardening at all. They were amazed at all the gardening things I know. Where was Jenny all those years when I had 3 acres of veggies, herbs and flowers-was she not living in the same house for all those years??? Silly girl! Then I helped Kevin plant the shrubs properly (he had dug all 12 holes-thank goodness!). Jenny had to come down here to go play Bunco with Megan and her neighbors so she dropped me off at home. I came home and moved my 3 palm trees, 1 lemon tree and my ficus tree outside. Sprayed all my roses (6 bushes) with Safer Insecticidal Soap for the aphids. I'm on here catching up and then I'm plunking myself in a chair and read. I'm done and I'm tired! It is a good kind of tired and we had alot of fun today!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

This was a glimpse from inside one of the 12 barns at this antique place Jenny and Kevin took us to this morning. Outside there are antiques all over the place. It is a shame so many things have been ruined or weathered because of being outside.

This field was on the property at the antique place Jenny and Kevin took John and I to. It looked so serene and reminded me of our farm we had in NJ.

This little cute iron bird bath has 2 little birdies sitting on the edge. I just couldn't pass it up when we were at the antique place! I'm going to spray it a cream color and leave a little of the iron showing through. What a cute bird bath or bird feeder.


Donna said...

The antique barns look like a fabulous place to visit and shop, wow! I like the iron bird stand, how cute.

Sounds like you had a very busy day. Get some rest!


Catherine Holman said...

Hi Sherri,
Sounds like a very full day to me! Thanks for adding my link to your blog and now you have two chances to win. Good luck!

Vickie said...

I love going antiquing. What a fun day. Unless Jenny was with you in the garden all those years, it's understandable that she was a novice. = )
That's a great birdbath. It's going to be even prettier after the paint job. Please a post a pic when you do that.

Happy @ Home said...

Hi Sherri,
I'm so glad you came for a visit and took the time to leave such a sweet comment. Now I get to meet a new blogger who is practically a neighbor and also loves to garden. How great is that? Also, this antique place looks like fun. I have never heard of it. Usually my trips to Concord are to the mall.

I will enjoy checking in with you.

Have a great weekend.

Mary said...

Sherri, I absolutely LOVE the bird bath! What a neat find. What a full day you had. Hope you're relaxing with your feet up now :) And thanks for your comments about my blog changes. I've decided to change things up whenever I get the urge to redecorate.

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! My husband would have been in 7th Heaven. He LOVES antiques. We had to leave a lot of it behind in Illinois when we moved to Hawaii. I'm so glad you had such a great time.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love those huge antique places. I could get lost in their for days. What a cute birdbath.

Ring of Kerry, Ireland
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