Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Drive through Piper Glen

John and I went to the library last night, which is only about 10 mins. from our house. We decided to go through a neighborhood that is on the way. The neighborhood is called Piper Glen. This is a golf course community and most of the house are huge there, I would call them mansion size. They have very beautiful cherry trees blooming in that neighborhood all over the place. I have taken some pictures of the houses (mansions) and the plants. Here they are:

This is the entrance to Piper Glen.

One of the streets lined with cherry trees.

Aren't these flowers beautiful in front of this brick mansion?

Closeup of the flowers at the brick mansion.

There was this beautiful pond in Piper Glen with the gorgeous fountain.

Closeup of the fountain in the pond.

How would you like to live here?

Or maybe you could live here?

This house wouldn't fit in the view finder of my camera it is so huge and rambling. This one is being remodeled but through the window on the left you can see the spiral staircase.

Back to our house! These are the cherry trees across from where we live. They are just beautiful. The petals are falling now and it looks like snow or a wedding!

I prefer to live in a cottage-like house, Charleston-style house or something in the craftsman style, but springtime is a great time to drive through these neighborhoods with the huge homes (mansions) to see there lovely flowers and blooming trees. Hope you enjoyed the ride!


  1. I always enjoy driving through neighborhoods like this. The homes are beautiful. But I'm with you Sherri, I like a cozier home (with nice details). The cherry trees are beautiful! Ours won't bloom for another month or so. Thanks for taking us along on your drive!

  2. Sherri- What a gorgeous neighborhood! Thank you for the sneak peek.:) I am loving your little bunny header, too! Lori

  3. Beautiful place. I do love the flowers in front of the first house.


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