Thursday, October 28, 2010

Part II Trip to NJ

As promised here are more pictures of our trip to NJ.

This is a cornfield in Warren County, NJ that was just cut for silage.

This is my friend, Kims barn and riding ring. She and her husband have worked really hard to get this farm in shape. This was never a farm, they had the barn built and the ring was done by her husband, Brian who is an excavator.

This is what Kim's barn looks like from the inside. She has 10 stalls, a tack room, feed room and an office/lounge. I'm really proud of her!

This is Kim's 2 wonderful horses, Casey and Julian. Julian was brought to this country when he was a foal-he is originally from England!

John and Montana got along really well.

This cute doggie, is Toby. His knick name is Toby Toes. He is so cute!

This is the beautiful view across the street from Kim's Farm. I love the New England Saltbox house across the street.

This is one of Kim's boarders. She really is a sweet mare.

Montana and Jet out in the field. Jet is a horse Kim rescued from the racetrack. She retrained him and now she has him for sale.

Casey and Julian again.

Kim loves chickens and this is her black and white hen. She was really very pretty!

Here is Kim's rooster. I can't remember his name but he is very loud!

So that is it for tonight. The NJ saga will continue tomorrow night!


  1. I know how hard it must to be work a farm...whether it be horses, cows or veggies....The one you showed is beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful place. I love your friend's barn,it's so clean and organized. I am sure that her horses are very happy there. Love that darling Toby! xo Lidy

  3. What a great place! The horses are beautiful ~ love the hens and roosters too.

    Also, I like your new banner, Sherri.


  4. We had a dog that looked just like Toby Toes. Loved all the farm pictures. Looks like a great visit.

  5. Hi Sherri, What a lovely trip! The barnis lovely and all the beautiful animals, what a fun life your friends have!!
    Thanks for visiting me:-)

  6. Great pics, Sherri. Looks like you had a wonderful trip!

  7. Hello! Gorgeous pictures! Love the white horse - we used to have a black lab like Toby - GREAT dogs!
    Happy Weekend!

  8. Gorgeous, fantastic photos, Sherri! I especially love your header photo. I can see you had a fabulous time on your trip.

  9. This makes me miss our farm downstate. Our horses were the last to go before we moved north. Your friends ranch is gorgeous! that barn is amazing!!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Your header is sooo pretty Sherri.

  10. Thanks for the wonderful tour! The barn is great and the chickens are adorable.

  11. Oh Sherri, how beautiful! I love the scenery and the horses are so beautiful! The roosters and hens are beautiful too with their shiny feathers! Looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful time! :D

    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Sunshine Cottage

  12. I'm enjoying your pictures of New Jersey. I was born there, have lived most of my life in Colorado, but have lots of relatives back east. I think that once in your blood, it's always a part of you:) NJ is a beautiful state.

  13. Do you know what kind of rooster that is? Did a google search on black roosters to identify my stray rooster (volunteered his presence here) and your pic was the only one that looks like him: green/black tail, brown wing tips, otherwise all black.


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