Monday, August 29, 2011

Craft Room Dreams

I have always dreamed of having a beautiful craft room to create the jewelry, sewing projects, stained glass and some stamped items. I always thought having a window with good light would be a good thing. A large table to layout some items and for cutting out the sewing/quilting projects. I definitely need a place to hold all my ribbon and thread. I would love to have a cotton/gauzy white curtain hanging from the window. I would put some of my favorite pictures and watercolors in there. I would also have to have music in there, can't create without music! I went to google for some photos of craft rooms and here is what I found:

I love the craftsman style of decorating and this reminded me of that. Aren't those cabinets gorgeous!

This island with all the storage underneath is great!

This craft room has everything in it!! You wouldn't ever want to leave.

I love the color of this room! Very creation inspiring-atleast for me it would be!

I have always loved white and wood together. This room is wonderful!

This room is layed out so well! Everything is so organized! It would put my craft room to shame right now. I've got things strewn all over my work surface!!

This shelving is something I would love some day!

The craft room I have right now is fine. I have a 6' table with all my jewelry items on it and the house computer. It is convenient to have the computer right there in case I need to order some supplies, view a tutorial or look up some ideas. The room is on the darker side even though there is a really large window in there. Oh well it is so much fun to dream about the perfect craft room and some day I will have one!!


  1. Fabulous craft rooms! I love mine, but it is REALLY a mess right now!! Not camera ready at all. I have been busy creating and there is paint and broken china everywhere.

  2. These are all great rooms. I'd take any one of them! Right now my craft room is being occupied by guests so I have not been able to use it. Hopefully by next week!

  3. I would love any one of these. My craft space is my kitchen table :)

  4. Sherri this is a dream of mine as well, with plenty of studio easel space!! I love the third image!

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    Art by Karena

  5. I wish I had an enormous craft room just for me, where I could hide a bit and never have to clean... Oh well, I guess I´d have to clean it sometimes, but now I always have to since it´s otherwise visable for guests if they go to our second floor. Maybe some day! :-)

  6. Where did you find these photos? Specifically, the pink room with the large white table.

  7. Like Karena I love the third image I love that you are surrounded by a lot of your stash but its all neat and tidy. I have two houses with a craft room in both slowly transfering the stuff from one to the other and its a total mess. Cant make it nice as we are going to move to a bungalow in a years time when hubby retires, Im disabled so maybe then I will get my lovely craft room. I am thinking of using a lot of white kitchen cupboards and drawers.....what do you all think?


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