Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spanish Class-Second One Tomorrow!

The company I work for is a commercial construction company. We have many Subcontractors that have Spanish speaking workers so one of the owners of our company decided to hold a Construction Spanish Class. We had the first one last Monday and it was alot of fun! I have been practicing in the car, at home, I've had John quiz me and I think I am ready for my second class tomorrow. I am the only woman in the company taking the class and to tell you the truth it is like grammar school again! Some men in class like to cover up their horrible attempts at learning this language with joking about everything! The teacher is really spunky and doesn't put up with them at all, which is great!! Her name is Kelly and she is from the local community college. There are 13 of us taking the class and she is definitely working hard for her money!!

Tomorrow we are learning numbers and a few other phrases. I have gone ahead in the book and I have been practicing. I always need to say things over and over again. John gives me a quiz in both English and Spanish so I can fully understand everything. He is a very good teacher!

Well I'm off to do some knitting on the shawl I'm making for Megan. I say to you Adios!!


Vickie said...

That is so COOL! Good on ya, chickie! Have a really good time and play nice with the other kids, 'k?

Sherri said...

Vickie, I will-thanks MOM-LOL!!! It is great learning another language. We won't be learning everything but just enough to communicate with someone on the construction site. I might want to take a regular Spanish class at the community college some day though and learn it all! Have a nice night!

Donnie said...

Learning a second language is a necessary thing in the workplace here in NC. Muy bueno. (very good)

Darlene said...

That's awesome Sherri! It would be fun to learn another language.

Nan said...

I learned a few numbers from the song on Sesame Street!

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